December 28, 2004

Say Goodnight Rae

Goodnight, Rae.

With 469 entries, 1518 comments, and 27, 686 hits, I am hanging it up.

I am sure that I will still cruise around the blogosphere and may perhaps comment here and there, but for now, I am stepping away. Thank you one and all for your encouraging, humorous, and sometimes challenging comments.

Godspeed and His joy, as well. I'll look for you there.

Updated: I will post letters from Lt. Col. Bellon when he sends them. I also wanted to reassure everyone that everything is fine, I just took some inventory of all that I need to accomplish between now and the summer, and the time that blogging takes would really interrupt the flow toward the goal. This was my decision and hasn't been influenced by more than my desire to be more productive here. R has always been cautiously supportive of my blogging endeavor, knows my gregarious nature, and thus thinks I will come back sooner than I anticipate :) However, I just wanted to clarify that R and I are wonderful ("you-know-who"-your goal was destroyed and not in anyway accomplished- again I point you to the mirror and admonish you to gaze a little longer at yourself), the children are thriving, but I have been impressed more and more of the little time that I have these beauties with me, and want to use my time both wisely and in a way that will be beneficial to their lives. I have been thinking about this off and on for awhile and now just seemed the best time.

Updated 2: O.K. my daughters have fervently urged me to reconsider and perhaps to schedule blog time each day. So :::sigh::: sorry to be so wishy-washy, but I am thinking....and considering.

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