March 03, 2005

Nothing like Jeans

Let's see, A Likely Sweet-Tee* + Sevens + these = a perfect Girl Friday. Of course, I own none of these items. Yet. (Shhhh, I get my Sevens from an outlet and pay a quarter of the department store price).

*image courtesy of the court Geek- Sir Gilby.**

**For your purchasing pleasure, as well :D

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February 13, 2005

Gentile Fashionista

I bought a pair of boots this past December which look almost like this, but to the knee:

I already had a pair of brown, mid-calf boots, like these without the stitching:

I put them together with a pair of modern fit, black brushed cotton (with a tiny bit of spandex- 3%) cropped pants with a three inch side vent, a cropped, long- sleeved, extended cuff, charcoal cowl-neck sweater for a look similar to this:
The Look.jpg

When I wore this to church, I could see the people glancing at the cropped pants and the boots, and I know they thought I was either just weird, or hadn't taken notice of the length of my pants before I put them on.

Sigh....southern UT- the haute couture hot-spot.

P.S. While looking for an image of my boots, I found these:
With a pair of worn 501's and a white t-shirt- perfect :D

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August 11, 2004

Morning Coffee

Enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee this morning while Kris and I looked at our September Lucky mags via telephone, making note of that which we liked and that which we didn't (we both rather liked the lovely red dress that is on the far right of that opening page, by the way). High gloss shine and caramel colored coffee are never better enjoyed than with a friend.

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May 15, 2004

Like the new do?

Pam gave me such a lovely flower...don't you think? Now to tweek a few of the accessories.

"A flower is only as good as it's petals."

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