May 20, 2005

Galaxy Girls

I have avoided reading any reviews, private or professional, about Revenge of the Sith. It hasn't been easy to keep my eyes from catching the, uhh, less than stellar three word reviews.

In approximately one hour, I will begin my wait with E and two of her friends in order to secure the best possible seats for the 7:00 show. At least I can indulge in watching my daughter have a good time with friends, eat Milk Duds and theater popcorn, drink a Coke, and have Jr. Mints. Those will be more than consolation for the disappointing show.

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March 20, 2005


"The story of my life is the story of the people in it....I remember everything."

Black Beauty, Black Beauty

I love this quiet, sad, yet hopeful film. The soundtrack is very lovely and appropriately contemplative.

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February 26, 2005

Blessed are the forgetful...for they even get the best of their blunders.

After watching ESotSM for the third time, and no less tired of it, I am amazed that Jim Carrey received no nod from his peers for his stunning work.

I also was reminded of something Clementine says that I find somewhere in the previous pages of my life, that I can relate: "I'm just a f***ed-up girl looking for some peace of mind." I know what that feels like, Clem. I'm not there anymore, but I won't soon forget, either.

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February 01, 2005


The Papa....The Papa!

The Mama....The Mama!

Heheh. Can you guess what movie we're watching? I have been "craving" this for four days and finally got my hands on it.

I think it was getting a tiny bit of Gwen Stefani dribbled into my ear while switching the dial that piqued my desire.

"If I were a rich man...Yubuhdibeedibeedibeedum."

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January 29, 2005

Bankrupt Baby

Million Dollar Baby wasn't worth the $6.50 ticket price.

What began as an engaging story of triumph and overcoming one's socio-economic status, spiraled quickly down to euthanasia. As usual, the priest was shown to be dispassionate, and Frankie's convictions and principles disposable to the tears of a depressed woman. The character of Maggie was one of a fighter, so to see the plot allow her strength disintegrate, and Frankie's lack of will to "train" her mind as he did her body to respond to the punches of life, was deeply disappointing.

As soon as I saw the result of her title fight, I leaned over and whispered to R what the conclusion would be. When my thoughts were confirmed, I knew instantly why Hollywood embraced this film. It fully supports a liberal agenda and dismissive/permissive attitude toward the definition of the value of life.

All that said, Hilary Swank did an outstanding job. She is a gifted actress with a wonderful ability to be absorbed into her character. So, I guess it appropriate that she be nominated for an Oscar. She said in an interview with Time that people frequently ask her when she is going to play a pretty girl role. I confess that I have had that thought, as well.

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January 13, 2005

Light the Fire

My preference for indie and foreign films has been made quite obvious, so, no need to go into all that. My newest recommendation: Smoke Signals.

Victor learns to reach through his indurate heart and internalize how much his father loved his son despite his personal demons and failings as a parent. The journey is poignantly told through the Native American oral tradition of story-telling and with such subtle comicality that the viewer finds reconciliation as the only answer for Victor, and maybe for the viewer, as well.

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November 08, 2004

My Life

Interesting, I think it had something to do with the last question on the quiz. Which I confess to altering a bit after I got the first results. i just don't see my life as rated "R." But apparently, that is up to interpretation.

Via Randy.

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October 11, 2004

Garden State of Mind

Dropping by very quickly as am at the public Library (see this post for an explanation).

Can't stop listening to the Garden State soundtrack. It has introduced me to the likes of Colin Hay and Frou Frou and numerous others that I can't recall because I forgot the CD in the van.

Go to the above link and listen to the sample list. Intriguing and thoughtful music.

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September 20, 2004

Score: Love -Love

I liked John McEnroe and Chris Everett better playing on the Wimbledon courts.

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August 13, 2004

This Village Didn't Take

Went to see The Village tonight. Will write the disappointing acting and screen-writing, yet socially thought provoking movie review tomorrow.

Now, time for some good sleep. Please.

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June 30, 2004


I can hardly wait to see it! Also, saw the preview for Vanity Fair. That's in the queue, too.

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Rae at 02:14 AM | Comments (6) | Movies
ZuDfunck links with: A Likely Story

Misplaced misprize

Nicholas Sparks has never really interested me. I tried to read A Walk to Remember but it was just so cliche and sappy I could never get through more than two pages without predicting (accurately) the next few.

Read more Misplaced misprize

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April 12, 2004

Please pass (by) the Cheese

I cannot help being a purist. When a truly terrific piece of literature is made into a movie, I attend expecting the words to have found a visual venue; an exact copy. I understand cutting scenes due to time. I even understand creative interpretation, but to totally change the book leaves me....annoyed and disappointed.

I must confess to my love of Cinderella stories. I think it is because I relate so well to them (one evil stepfather was my step-nightmare). I collect them; the Persian one being my favorite. Their stories surpass time and culture.

Ella Enchanted is the perfect version.

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