October 30, 2004

Throw Me A Line

David R. Darrow is an artist (my favorite is under "Figure Paintings" titled "Security") living in CA. He keeps a blog and happened upon my speck in the web while using a search engine to verify something he read in the media (Mr. Darrow- correct me if I am wrong).

When he has the time to blog, I enjoy reading his thoughts. This latest post considering the "The President's Boob Tube" (you know, that "suspcious thing" under W's jacket?) is very interesting. I suggest reading it and referring any naysayers to peruse and consider his analysis, as well.

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October 29, 2004

The Mystery of the Missing Coat

The fragility of the shells in which our souls dwell is frightening. I exercise only to maintain cardiovascular health; death by heart attack does not appeal to me. Proper consumption of food wards off obesity and all the nasty little things that come with it; diabetes is not a very pretty disease. I watched my grandmother waste away, her face contorted in constant pain due to colon cancer that eventually spread through the rest of her body. My other grandmother died at 93, alone. Her dementia made her naturally cranky self completely unbearable. In 2002 my beloved father-in-law suffered a stroke on Father's Day. The right side of his body was paralyzed and his mental faculties left lacking. I have missed him terribly.

This week as the temperature became colder and we all began to reach for our sweaters and jackets and thick socks the closet was found wanting of my coat. This is not just any coat. You see, this coat was the last Christmas gift I received from my father-in-law, the time when he was actually involved in the choosing and the buying and the wrapping and the opening of the gifts rather than sitting quietly in the leather wing-back with a blanket over his lap. The coat: black, down, quilted ski jacket with fur-trimmed hood. My father-in-law and I once shared an eye for fashion and this coat was beautiful and ahead of the game. Everywhere I went compliments abounded. Alas, the coat is missing. I am devastated. Sitting on the edge of my bed tonight, I cried as I told R that the coat cannot be found.

(Typed with love via telephone line 1100 miles away by the best friend. Thank you, Mr. Graham Bell.)

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October 28, 2004

Other Election News

WoW! Someone nominated my post Kerrized France for this week's vote!

Thank you so much! There is some fab reading over there, so read all the submissions :D

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October 27, 2004

In a NY minute

Hmmmm..... I confess to being not quite sure what I think.

H/T: The Queen and while I am at it, this (warning! a bit of royal language in her post) made me laugh out loud in the library. She makes no apologies and takes no prisoners. Nothing like a mother who really loves her children...

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Like Water for....

Chocolate...I am dying for chocolate, but as A once said when she was a wee little thing, "Mom, you only buy ingredients."

Sigh...I don't want to make anything, just consume.

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Less is Better

Perfumes are nice when worn so that only someone very close to you is able to smell your secretly sprayed or doused places.

However, varying perfumes splashed on hither and thither by the pint are rather noxious when one is confined to a small room where there are no windows to open.

I have got to get our computer fixed!

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Oh What A Beautiful Morning

While driving to retrieve our chocolate lab who had her ACL replaced yesterday (A and I watched her surgery and a spay), A said, "The wind sounds very angry today. This morning it was tearing around the corners of the house, pulling at the windows and doors and demanding entrance to our warm cozy home. I am glad it couldn't get in." I love her way with words and that she so freely shares her thoughts with us.

Me, too, A. Me, too.

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Chapel of Love

A big, hearty, hopeful congratulations to Emily and Mr. Emily :D

(A lovely picture of the happy and gorgeous couple in the sidebar).

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October 26, 2004

To Everything...Turn, Turn, Turn

Brrrrrrr! (Thanks, Patrick.)

Pass the hot chocolate, my blanket, slippers, and my stack of books.

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October 23, 2004

Hand-sanitizer please....

I suppose that Newsweek in an attempt to counter all the conservative bloggers challenge of media bias decided to showcase someone on their side.

My only experience with this hateful rude person showed me that his tolerance level only extends as far as his hand can shake; if he extends it.

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Things of simplicity

The voice of Sophie Barker is calming, intriguing, gossamer, luminous- the one we all imagine our mother's to be when singing lullabies or our own when the depths of our world suddenly plummet.

I purchased Zero 7's Simple Things. It was truly refreshing to stop into the music section of Barnes & Noble and find someone who knows music, and specifically knows the genre for which you are looking.

Previous confessions of the love of the minor and harmonic keys and the appeal to my sense of the melancholy will make my delight in "Spinning" understandable. It is one of two bonus tracks on the CD. This band is much more than I imagined or realized and their music invokes a sense of relaxation, thoughtfulness, and would be the perfect CD to throw into the changer for a small party. It is aptly named.

Rarely am I pleased with every song on a CD. This is one of those times. Thanks brother.

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Death and Taxes

I have learned that nothing in life is truly free, save salvation. You always pay for everything at some point in life. The returns can sometimes be a significant debit or deposit into a memory's account. My list:

1) Eating that second cinnamon roll.
2) Taking the extra time to parent correctly- that extra five minutes at bedtime, jumping on the trampoline despite having delivered four children, riding bikes, letting all the children into your bed when hubby is gone on a business trip, saying yes when you really want to say no for no-good-reason, listening when all you want is quiet.
3) That third glass of wine or cosmopolitan.
4) Buying a lipstick quad (the lasses know to what I am referring) for only one color.
5) Politeness.
6) Anger- either way. Can scare the bowels clean when needed, or can alienate those you love most.
7) Greeting your husband when he walks in the door.
8) A genuine smile or laugh.
9) Talking too much.
10) Saying too little.
11) Wearing those cute heels can be good. Wearing them on a five block hike cannot.
12) Sitting in the tub too long.
13) Leaving the house on an overcast day without an umbrella- not good if going to church or a meeting. Perfect to season a pensive walk.
14) Reading trivia. Fun. But can distort a person's sense of real life.
15) Blogging. Yes, blogging. Readers, enhanced knowledge, a window to the world, annoys card-carrying liberals, gives Newsweek something to write about, Or steals from real life, creates false sense of community, contributes to purchase of varied pajama styles.

It is extremely difficult for me to walk away from many things that are considered "settled" so please don't consider this list all-inclusive or definitive.

What are some on your list?

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October 20, 2004



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(Search)Engine trouble

To the searcher looking for "compulsive exaggeration"- congratulations! You've found the correct site.

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October 19, 2004

Kerrized France

Watching people is one of my private entertainments. It is portable, convenient, and never the same twice. I perfected the art of reading people as a child when I had to quickly assess and accurately interpret the intentions of the people around me.

One of the places that provides me with a little game time is the public library. Even the homeless find their way into the library to read the paper, check their e-mail, warm-up, and wash-up. I am always amazed when standing in line to check out, I see some little tike sidle up to the check-out desk with two books. Two books? Only two? Then the mother makes a comment along the lines of "You can get more books when we come back next week." Two books? When I learned the limit was ten per card, I immediately applied for a card for each of my four daughters, thus raising our weekly intake to fifty. And I still go over my limit. The librarians are on a first name basis with our family members now, so they smile, secretly thrilled and over-ride the computer warning of that eleventh book slipping past the scanner.

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October 18, 2004


I am working on something.....

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October 16, 2004


We're sorry. You have reached a blog that has been disconnected or is no longer in use. Please try your search again. If you need assistance, log into Paypal and send Rae money to purchase a new computer. Thank you. Qwest message number 44569.

O.K. that was my sorry attempt at humor. Am spending the day working on my home computer to get it up and running again. I simply am more obsessive than I realized and can't stand using the public computers any longer (my hands are getting dry from washing them so frequently....)

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October 13, 2004

Round 3

As my computer is suffering from spyware invasion, I won't be able to blog about the debates; however, a few things I don't want to hear:

From Bush:"Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time."
From Kerry:"I said the wrong thing; the president did the wrong thing. Which is worse?"

Freshen up, boys and bring us something new and worthy of our time.

(Now driving home as quickly as the law permits to watch the debates and will attempt to get back tomorrow. Just know that not reading the summaries and thoughts floating around the 'sphere immediately following will be sorely disappointing to me. Sigh......tomorrow it is.)

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Where are the Clowns?

Much of my time as a child was spent observing others. I perfected mockery as a way of entertaining both myself and my mother and stepfather. My inherent self wasn't acceptable to them. Maybe it was because what I represented reminded them of things they preferred to ignore or pretended didn't exist; the inspermerator Jack, my mother's deceased visions of law school, or her divided attention from David (the stepmonster). I remember being called from my room to the Poker table, the Thai food night, the political conversations over scotch and water, a brunch on the patio to perform their favorite perfected characters: Julia Child, Dr. Who, Jane Curtain. The smiles were the few that came my way without perverted strings attached, so I willingly gave them. My heart soaked them up like a hardened sponge long forgotten under the sink.

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October 12, 2004

Blog with a View

I have viewed other films in the last month that I think are worthy of discussing and will do so sometime this week. If time offers more of itself to you, consider these foreign films:

Nowhere in Africa- Winner of the 2002 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.
Divided We Fall- A Czech film nominated for Best Foreign Picture at the 2001 Academy Awards.

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Accoustic guitar is one of my favorite instruments. The simplicity of the strumming combined with throaty vocals makes for a very reflective song. And my personal preference is toward pensive and contemplative.

Check out the lyrics of these songs:
Iron and Wine, "Such Great Heights"
Nick Drake, "One of These Things First"
Cary Brothers, "Blue Eyes"
Colin Hay, "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You"

It is rare that I so enjoy a film and the soundtrack.

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October 11, 2004

Garden State of Mind

Dropping by very quickly as am at the public Library (see this post for an explanation).

Can't stop listening to the Garden State soundtrack. It has introduced me to the likes of Colin Hay and Frou Frou and numerous others that I can't recall because I forgot the CD in the van.

Go to the above link and listen to the sample list. Intriguing and thoughtful music.

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Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

Hey there guys! Rae's friend Kris here (shameless link whore). She asked me to let you know that spyware has invaded her computer and until the problem is fixed, her posts will be light, as she will have to go to the library to have internet access. If anyone would like to donate a new computer, please feel free to contact her and ask for donation information. She will be able to "read" her comments via...Me!

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The Student Next to You

I missed this post by Lt. Col. Bellon in my travels. I so enjoy reading his writing and do hope that he considers penning a book when he returns.

The Marine he eulogizes in this letter was mentioned in a post by Blackfive.

Here are several other places of interest set up in memoriam to Lt. Col. Shea:
Arlington National Cemetary Website
Scuttlebutt & Small Chow

Emphasis mine.

Dad -

Right now we are finishing our rotation of units out of the area with new ones arriving and taking over. We were concerned about a spike in enemy activity as they knew we were rotating troops. Because of this we conducted a couple of operations on the front end of the rotation and put a hurting on them. Another unit here that operates with us also pulled a couple of operations at about the same time. The result is that we put the enemy back on its heels for a couple of weeks and got some breathing room. Unfortunately, if these guys are true to form, things will pick up again very soon.

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October 06, 2004

Thoughts from Vegas: The number

Thoughts from Vegas:

The number of people in this world and specifically in this city at 12 A.M. is simply astounding.

The portico of the Venetian is incredibly beautiful.

Shopping 'til midnight! Only in Vegas.

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October 01, 2004

Giving Notice

Just a note that I am not going to be blogging for a few days. There are several reasons, but I anticipate being back in pajama mode by next Wednesday or so.

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My fettered heart

In honoring my daughter's privacy, I won't give specific details, but suffice it to say that something very unusual for her age has developed and we are uncertain as to what it is and what could have caused or is causing it. It could be minor. Nothing really; something that could go away on its own and will be forgotten in the everyday habits of life; remembered only casually in late night conversations as "that time we thought....." Then again, it could be really bad; something that we will never forget.

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