December 31, 2004

However Humble it Be

Dave's mom sent this newest letter to us this morning. The emphasis is mine. Please remember to pray for the American troops, the Iraqi Soldiers, the civilians, the government here and abroad, and the upcoming elections.

Dear Dad -

For the past six weeks, the Regiment has been busy cleaning up the city and chasing down remaining pockets of insurgents. There have been some very stiff, isolated battles where the Marines continued to perform with the same tenacity and heroism that made them so successful in November. Unfortunately these efforts have not come without a price. We have lost additional Marines and many more have been wounded during these ongoing operations.

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My favorite posts from each month of 2004:


*I found a post in mid-August that said my hits were at 9659. As of this post, the number is 28,006. Thanks to search engines, I have tripled my hits in four months. Nah, it was really The Commissar and Bill@INDC via The Llama Butchers. Those three really knocked me sky high. Thanks and if I can ever send a little splash in the direction of the Commissar, the Butchers, or Mr. Bill, let me know.

**Coat found and heart relieved.

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No Hall Pass Required

After watching Mean Girls (I can't believe I did, but, yes, I did) with E tonight, and talking about it (we found the opening depiction of non-homeschooler's presumptions about home-educated kids accurately hysterical)-- discussing how gossip can be so painful and cause so much misunderstanding and hate, not to mention how one must be as shrewd as a viper and as gentle as a lamb-- I shared how R and I weren't relegated to any one single group in high school. We hung out a little bit with everyone. Now, confessedly, some of that was self-preservation in my case. I mean, I didn't really like Dee Dee's eyeliner, but I really did have to pee, so, I might have tweaked my opinion in favor of a bathroom stall and making it out alive. But, I did like Dee Dee, and I think she knew I didn't like her eyeliner, but she knew I liked her and that's why my arse was allowed back out of the girl's room in the same shape it went in.

E and I also talked about cliques and how they get formed and how it's o.k. to have a group of friends, but how it can also be limiting in knowing and understanding people who are different than yourself. The blogosphere is no different. Really. When I went to Wizbang's blog awards, I mostly saw blogs with which I am at least familiar. But, when I was reading Greg tonight, I followed the link to a different blog awards, and saw only a handful of blogs that I recognized (and even promoted in a previous post), and found a whole lot of new faces.

So, now that I no longer have to hand out lying compliments in order to get back to chemisty class with Mr. White, I politely ask you to visit these sites in order to broaden the horizon in your corner of the 'sphere. Now, will you please let me past?

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December 30, 2004

For The Magnanimous Heart

Relationships have always been very important to me. Analyzing why, and I do analyze everything (A therapist once told me that is a sign of intelligence. “You mean neuroticism,” I retorted ), I can only conclude the lack of relationship in my own home while growing up. I so craved connection with people. My mother was too busy with her own stuff to question why everyone I came into contact with was a potential relationship. I talked to everyone and anyone about anything. On occasion, this posed embarrassing for my mother. Boundaries weren’t well defined and what semblance there was was frequently trespassed by those who feed on stealing the innocence of youth.

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Even as I typed my goodbye, I wasn't sure that I could completely quit. I think writing is my anti-depressant. It helps me work through many thoughts and things that might otherwise suffocate my spirit. With some input from my family, I have decided to schedule my blogging and use the old fashioned paper and mechanical pencil to collect and keep my thoughts inbetween typing. So, while the posting might not be as frequent, it will continue. Thanks to all who encouraged me in my decision making process.

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December 28, 2004

Say Goodnight Rae

Goodnight, Rae.

With 469 entries, 1518 comments, and 27, 686 hits, I am hanging it up.

I am sure that I will still cruise around the blogosphere and may perhaps comment here and there, but for now, I am stepping away. Thank you one and all for your encouraging, humorous, and sometimes challenging comments.

Godspeed and His joy, as well. I'll look for you there.

Updated: I will post letters from Lt. Col. Bellon when he sends them. I also wanted to reassure everyone that everything is fine, I just took some inventory of all that I need to accomplish between now and the summer, and the time that blogging takes would really interrupt the flow toward the goal. This was my decision and hasn't been influenced by more than my desire to be more productive here. R has always been cautiously supportive of my blogging endeavor, knows my gregarious nature, and thus thinks I will come back sooner than I anticipate :) However, I just wanted to clarify that R and I are wonderful ("you-know-who"-your goal was destroyed and not in anyway accomplished- again I point you to the mirror and admonish you to gaze a little longer at yourself), the children are thriving, but I have been impressed more and more of the little time that I have these beauties with me, and want to use my time both wisely and in a way that will be beneficial to their lives. I have been thinking about this off and on for awhile and now just seemed the best time.

Updated 2: O.K. my daughters have fervently urged me to reconsider and perhaps to schedule blog time each day. So :::sigh::: sorry to be so wishy-washy, but I am thinking....and considering.

Rae at 10:45 PM | A Fine Memory
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December 27, 2004

The Heart in Type

Just popping in real quick to point my readers to a new blog: California Hammonds.

Get a cup of coffee or whatever you enjoy drinking with a poignant read and head over. You won't be disappointed.

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Making it Real

When R and I went to visit his father in the nursing home last month, I could hardly contain myself. It was so hard to see this man that I loved so much. He appeared so different to me. We kept our visit short for the man who once loved the details and the time it took to give them. As we drove home, I recalled all the times that R and I had taken our first and second grade youth group over to the nursing home. I remembered the smiles we received from those whom we visited, and the comments of the children afterwards. It occured to me that all those people were special to someone- that the man was someone's father, grandfather, husband. That the stooped elderly woman was someone's mama, aunt, and daughter. It made me hope so much that someone is stopping in to sing a simple song, or share a homemade card, a pencil with a crossword book, the local newspaper, a home baked goodie, with my father-in-law. I hope that someone is standing in for me where I cannot be and for someone who I so love.

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December 26, 2004

Offically Sappy Post- Negative Commentors need not reply

Pop rock in the last 15 years hasn't particularly appealed to me. Occasionally; however, I slide the dial past the low end loaded with NPR and other strange stations to listen to the other stations out there. I confess that the song 1985 amused me. I also confess to thinking My Band as pretty darn funny (and yes, loaded with explictives) but extremely creative. People might not particularly like Eminem, but they can't deny he is one of the most intelligent rappers out there. I mean who else can rhyme to Munchausen?

Anyway, I really do like the song She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. It reminds me of the love that R gives me.

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along"
is one of my favorite lines, but I specifically love the line "She will be loved." For a little girl, a young woman, to be loved is more than she could dream of and all she ever desired.

And Sunday Morning- well, that one speaks for itself. :D

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December 24, 2004

The Soul Felt It's Worth

Growing up in a pagan home Christmas meant a two week vacation from school; presents; attention from people; food; and decorations. It had absolutely nothing to do with belief or celebration of the birth of Christ.

While teaching our girls the religious symbolism incorporated into our cultural celebrations and our own family traditions, we want so much for them to understand that the gift of Christmas should be recognized the other 364 days of the year. Grace and mercy and forgiveness, these are the gifts given to us without our deserving. Who are we to deny them to others?

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December 23, 2004

A Tiny Gift

The 1500th comment was left by Eduardo.

Thank you, Eduardo.

Please let me know to which charitable foundation you would like me to make a small donation in your name. :D

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Rae at 11:00 AM | Comments (2) | Knights of the Table
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December 21, 2004

Beware of the Grey Language Police!

Some of you might know that I've been typesetting a fairly large book, an activity that, while interesting, enriching and rewarding, is extremely tiresome.

It turned out that now I got another book to typeset. This book is just 25% the size of the previous one (i.e., around 100 pages). But there is a big problem with it: The author(s) are not exactly in friendly terms with the Spanish language. Tell me about something time-consuming! The book is so ridden with spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, that if I could fire a bullet for every gross mistake I've found, I would make the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie look pale in comparison. Worse yet... the main author is a distinguished Ph.D. and scholar.

Call me a snob, but I find spelling mistakes in my native tongue extremely gross and annoying. It just destroys the image of the writer so much. Thus goes my question: How do you react to those mistakes? What do you do to instill a proper sense of decent writing (in spelling, grammar, and clarity of expression) to your kids?

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From the "Geeks, what would you do without them?" Department
As this will be my final entry on "A Likely Story", and my sphere of influence will be shortly receeding back to Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, I thought I would leave you, the kind readership of Raeville with some good ideas for a happy, safe, and virus free holiday season and new year.

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Ladybug, Ladybug

I'm flying away home.

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December 20, 2004

Homeschooling Aid

Take the state placement challenge!

My first time, I got an average error of 5 miles, but took 321 seconds. The second time I went for speed and got an average error of 9 miles in 167 seconds. The third time...ah, that was the charm: less than 2 miles average error* in 137 seconds. Can anyone beat that?

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Random Thought on a Monday

When I see the way that Leonardo DeCaprio has gone from rather simple and cheesy roles, such as the one in Titanic, to getting critical acclaim for his latest work, I feel compelled to pause. To wonder. To ponder, even:

If Leo, then why not Corey Haim?
Life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name. And it feels like home. Drink Pepsi.

Extra-special Note: If you like what you read here, you can always visit me at my own blog. And if you don't like what you've just read, you can still visit, because I'm all about people. I love me some people. Mmmm, people. Group hug.

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Paraguayan Traditions: Punch and fruits

Somehow I feel like a movie or rock'n'roll star: I have lots of fans ;). That's because days are scorching down here, with temperatures ranging in the 90s--100s (F). For this reason, one of the favorite additions to our Christmas tables is a kind of punch better known as clericó, and loads of seasonal fruits.

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Wholesome Family Entertainment!

So we're petblogging now?

OK, I'm in.

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BlogRae Secrets: The untold story day 5

Hi folks! This is Randy Thomas with the ETC news channel. Yesterday I was bamboozled. Yes BAMBOOZLED by a secret ingredient here in BlogRae. It made me feel all sleepy and lethargic. I felt at peace with life and all of God's creation.

It was a trick I tell ya! A trick to distract me from finding more secrets!

So was this secret ingredient drugs? poison dart? Did Sassie or Nessie slip me a Mickie ... Mickey... whatever? Did Elvis aka E trick me into some macrame mind control?

NO the secret ingredient behind BlogRae is ....

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December 19, 2004

The Old MacDonald post

[This post has been edited to please commenter Dave. Because it's all about commenter Dave.

All hail commenter Dave!]

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Just all the white chicks are doing dreads

Hi there, I'm Anne Lamott, author, activist, certifiable moonbat, a Christian who leaves room in her heart to hate George Bush. Maybe my readers remember this gem?

"So much has been stolen from us by Bush. A friend called & I remembered something she'd said reading an article about Hitler's affair with his niece. 'I have had it with Hitler!' Peggy said, throwing the magazine to the floor. And I have had it with Bush."
Or this one:
"John Paul II, for all of his disastrous policies, apologized a few years ago to the Muslim community. He said, in the presence of Muslims, Every single one of the Crusades was a mistake, & I am sorry. Then he went into a Mosque, & kissed the Koran. This sharp spiritual vision takes my breath away."
And it really seems to have worked!

The thing is, as a liberal Marin chick, I searched long & hard before settling on the single most unflattering hairstyle I could find. I think my dreads make me look like Halle Berry.

And white folks' dreads are unique, like something the plumber snaked out of your bath drain, or those spongy globs your cat coughs up. They also demonstrate your solidarity with the dispossessed. You too can have white dreads, it's easy!

  • 1. Don't wash or comb hair for 6 months.

  • 2. To promote matting, go down to beach every morning & flop about in sand like a spawning salmon. Certain beneficial organisms will take up residence in your hair, forming a synergistic follicular ecosystem.

  • 3. Once your dreads start to form crusted stalactites, you can shape them with a chisel or electric sander.
NOTE: For special occasions, you can buy them.

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Superheroic World Wide Entertainment

Being in a house full of boys has been fun. I mean, the boys can't take two steps without some kind of sound effect coming out of them, purposed or otherwise.

I awakened Saturday morning to the sounds of wrestling and 6:15 A.M. Recall that I am on Mountain Time, so it was really 5:15 (even as I type this the six year-old is making motorcycle sounds which sound a lot like other "sounds"). I love these three boys like they are my own, so I lay in bed amused. I then crept across the hall and teased them for awakening me so early. I was informed that this was a regularly scheduled activity on weekend mornings. I stopped and listened to see if their parents were awake, but they lay snoozing.

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A Lot Like Christmas

The Santana [or some people say Santa Ana] winds are blowing through San Diego this week. I live a block and a half from the beach in Carlsbad. Yesterday, there were men in boardshorts and women in bikinis walking down the street past my house.

A neighbor from New York was whining "This doesn't feel like Christmas at all."

Having lived in Southern California all my life, all I could think of to say was "It sure does to me."

I thought of other things NOT to say, though.

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December 18, 2004

My Best Man

Roberta Flack, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

I miss and love you, R.

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G.I. Rae

From the "A-Real-American-Hero" Department
Jeremy Here

One of the gimmicks I've used on my site was creating individualized "G.I. Joe" file cards for people. Using the HeroMachine character engine.

(Secretly, I've done one for Rae. Okay, so its not so secret)

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Rae at 09:47 PM | Comments (10) | It's ALL about me
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BlogRae Secrets: The untold story Day 3

This is your entrepid...intrepid... whatever... reporter Randy Thomas with the ETC news channel.

On day 3 behind the scenes of BlogRae we have discovered even more evidence of why Rae is such a "buzz"icon of the blogosphere. But before getting into today's report, let's recap. In the first to days we discovered:

There is no one and nothing in the closet to worry about.
Elvis is Rae's personal coach and also invented the blogosphere.
Rae is involved in some sort of mystical negative energy releasing macrame cult led by Elvis

Today's report will be no less revealing. It may even change your life. It certainly did this reporter's ... roll tape...

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Astor Piazzolla

Few musicians impress me as the late Argentinan composer and bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla. He brought an enormous degree of innovation to the tango, and blended successfully strands of tango, folk music, European avant-garde compositional motifs, and... jazz, jazz of the best kind.

I usually don't care a lot for tangos, but listening to pieces such as "Suite for Vibraphone and New Tango quintet" (recorded in the Montreux Jazz Festival with vibraphonist Gary Burton) gives me incredible pleasure. He's so... perfect.

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December 17, 2004

BlogRae Secrets: The untold story

ETC News reporter Randy Thomas reporting live for the second day behind the scenes of BlogRae. We are here to discover the truth behind the glitz of this famous blog diva.

When we left you yesterday we discovered that the rumors of secrets in the closet were just unfounded.

DRAT! No dirt there... however, we have an interesting discovery behind door number one. Roll tape...

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Life Is Good

At least at the moment :)

Home early, sour apple martini in hand, cat in lap, listening to Los Lonely Boys on the stereo. I'll get to making dinner eventually -- ham steak, cheese grits, broiled green beans in olive oil and sea salt. And there were pressies in the mail from a friend of a stone coaster with a wolf engraved on it, and silver wolf earrings (yes, I like wolves)

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Her site is called Topic Drift, & does she ever:

"It is important to remember that there is nothing new under the sun. However, when the sun finally expands into a red giant or implodes into a flaming pink dwarf, we will witness new things, & I for one will welcome the changes. I'm not saying that we need to take action to hasten the demise of our sun; I am merely noting that earth is oppressively tedious. Everywhere I go, I see the same blue Ford Explorer. And the same 36 righteous pigeons. I'm tired of it."
The daft Mrs. W-P also offers crackpot novel advice on getting rid of fleas

PS Does anybody know the code so I can take that picture of Kathie Lee Gifford off Rae's masthead?

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It Worked! It Worked!

Power is now mine, Mine, MINE!

Um, what was I talking about?

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Well, ya come late to the party, and this is what you get:

Someone already took my utterly brilliant and totally original "Hello? Is this thing on?" idea...

So I leave you with:

Fake News.\

UPDATE: Zombyboy wishes everyone to know that due to a logical inconsistency in the universe, Nathan of Brain Fertilizer, er, fame*, was not able to log-in successfully**, and so Zombyboy graciously allowed Nathan to use his...but would also like to emphasize clearly that Nathan is the author of this crap. Zombyboy was not associated in the production of this post in any way. No Stumpjumpers were harmed in the writing of this post. Any resemblence to any individual, living or dead, is probably worth a good $125,000 to you if you can word the lawsuit correctly.

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Gratuitous Domestic Posting (TM) - Roadtrip Entry

Greetings, everyone! Robert the Llama Butcher here. Rae has very, very kindly allowed me to come and play here in her absence. Since this site is generally all about family things, I thought I'd share an episode that occured this week with my six year old daughter.

In a nutshell, she made her first foray into trying to play favorites between the Missus and me, telling my wife that she (the girl) "loved" me more and was more like my side of the family.

I also believe this may have been her last foray into this field, as both of us, the Missus and I, went nuclear on the girl. If there is one thing we will not tolerate, it is any attempt to play family members off against each other in terms of who loves whom how much. I've seen plenty of families where this dynamic has gone unchecked, and it is horrible to behold.

Anyhoo, the Missus laid into the girl in the morning (when the comments were made). Last evening, when I got home, it was my turn. For ordinary, everyday disciplinary infractions, I do a moderate amount of yelling and even, on occassion, foot stamping. But for Very Serious Things, I find that the somber stare and the soft and trouble-but-menacing voice is the thing. Imagine Clint Eastwood's Man-With-No-Name speaking thus:

I never want to hear you say anything like that ever again. Do you understand?

I believe we got through to the girl, as she has been bending over backwards to placate both of us since. And changing her story as to what she actually said originally. Of course, I never believed that she really meant what she said to begin with. It was obvious to me that she'd picked up this idea somewhere (probably at school) and decided to give it a try as a way to needle Mom, needling being one of her favorite hobbies. This kind of experimentation is a perfectly normal part of growing up. But it's critical to maintain bright-line boundaries that do not get crossed. This was definitely a line-crosser, and we responded with a full-tilt parental tag-team body slam. I believe this unified front caught the girl completely by surprise. Like I said, I don't think she'll try this one again.

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the blog author is my sista

i confess i'm related to this blogger.

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Rocking (Meciendo)

This is a beautiful poem by Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet and Nobel Prize in literature, 1945. For me, his poems are an expression of unbridled beauty. So strong, so feminine, so powerful.

Here, Gabriela Mistral depicts in just a few words how she is, somehow, part of a cosmic order; but the center of all this universe is her child, protected in the hand of God our Father. Gabriela might be just a tiny grain on sand on an infinite beach; but her love for her child is boundless, powered by God's love.

I'll put the Spanish poem on one side, and the translation on the other.

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December 16, 2004


I am here and tired and whoever designed the Houston airport (aka George H.W. Bush International) must have gotten the blueprints mixed-up with an obstacle course client.

I am, however, thrilled to see my friend. I love how it takes only to be in one another's presence and time picks up where it stood still and distance is nothing but the space between us.

Thank you Guest Bloggers. I will read through everything tomorrow. For now, sleep is begging me to meet up.

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Pure Chance by Zombyboy

Firstly, thanks to Rae for asking me to be one of her guest bloggers. It's always an honor to be asked to help be a caretaker for someone else's blog during their absence. The only tough part is that no one can replace another successful blogger; the styles, the topics, and the overall feel of the posts are bound to change. So what you read from me and the other authors over the next few days may not be precisely what you expect.

I hope that you'll enjoy the taste of some different styles and some topics that normally wouldn't grace these fine pages.

So, thanks again to Rae, and I hope that y'all find something to enjoy in all this fun guest blogging.

It's pure chance that I was born to a reasonably normal family in the United States. I've never known the worst of poverty, I have never felt the all-encompassing hunger of starvation, and I have never felt the fear of living in a country steeped in war. It's pure chance that, even in these circumstances, I was blessed with above average intelligence, curiosity, and creativity; the burdens I carry are light in comparison to so much of the rest of the world.

While I've never believed that for someone else's life to be good it has to mirror my own--that is, a Merry Christmas doesn't have to involve an orgy of capitalist spending and doesn't have to revolve around twinkling lights and Christmas trees--I do think that it's worth remembering that the majority of the world's people don't know the comforts and gifts that we have living in the developed nations. And, even amongst the developed nations, we American's are doubly blessed.

I don't say these things as a way to rouse feelings of guilt--the things that we enjoy were gifts that millions struggled and fought to give us. Guilt at the gift simply diminishes the sacrifice and the efforts that came before.

With no feelings of guilt, and with no sense of shame, we can still look out at the world and hope for something better.

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Thanks to the wonders of online shopping, I'm almost done with my Xmas list. I did some book shopping at Amazon for the last of it (and ended up with a few titles for me) and now here's hoping it all arrives on time. I have one gift to buy and will probably head to the mall for that. And to top of all the Christmas hoopla, this is my first holiday without my family, so I'm making my first Christmas dinner solo and am inviting some other alone friends over the meal. So wish me luck!

Oh, and Rae, I hope you're having a blast!

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Because You Asked

Well, well, the requests for me to share my knowledge, views, and love of monkeys are just pouring in from all corners of the globe. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be missing the comment box on the original post as there are only two in there (and neither one seems to have anything to do with monkeys, but I never pass up a chance to mention them).

However, I'm sure that millions of requests are being generated and the "magic" of the internet is not cooperating to deliver them.

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Keeping My Shoes Off The Furniture

You can add me to the ranks of Rae's guest bloggers. I'm not sure what in the heck to post abut, especially since I haven't thought of anything to post on my own blog yet today, but I'll try!

*So, any Farscape fans out there? Ben Browder is joining the Stargate cast next season.

*Email etiquette!! That's today's pet peeve.

*What kind of hand cream do you use?

Well, it's a start....

Hay, wait a minute... how come the formatting buttons in MT are showing up on Firefox? They never show up on mine. I always hand code everything.

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GIFTS FOR READERS: Michael Chabon's The Final Solution

Michael Chabon, whom I think is the best writer of his generation, has a new book just in time for Christmas. The Final Solution is a brief, deceptively charming romp in which the aged Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement to solve one last crime.

In 1944, Holmes - referred to as the old man - has long since retired to the pastoral countryside of England where he attends to his beekeeping (which appeals to his sense of order). When a Jewish refugee boy's pet parrot is stolen, Holmes senses something darker at work, & agrees to solve the mystery.

Since it's 1944, only the reader can guess at what's induced the boy's muteness. The parrot has a remarkable talent, reciting strings of numbers whose significance interests certain parties. Are they German codes? Or something too awful to imagine?

The arthritic Holmes has a grand time leading a glum young constable around & astonishing him with his still-awesome powers of deduction. And Chabon shows off his mastery by writing an entire chapter from the point of view of Bruno the parrot! He also shows that it's possible to write a story about a subject without ever referring to it.

Also just out: McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories, edited by Chabon. 2nd in series of retro-pulp tales, sparked by Chabon's disenchantment with dreary postmodern stories in which nothing happens.

For kids: Chabon's Summerland, which shows what a real writer can do when he sinks his teeth into YA fantasy. See also CSM article on Chabon's career

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Rae at 09:53 AM | Comments (2) | Los Libros
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Is This Thing On?



(screech of feedback)

Good morning, one and all. You know, it takes a certain kind of Christian woman to invite an atheist like me to guest-blog. This probably explains why Rae was picked up by the grumpy men in white coats this morning; that whole "trip to see a friend" story is just a front for the truth, I say!

Seriously though, I've been told to be on my best behavior, so I won't go into the varied arguments against the existence of God, or talk about sundry body parts I might find of interest, or even use naughty words to express my frustration with the state of the world. If you want that, you'll have to visit me over at The World Wide Rant, where you can't touch my monkey, but you can certainly admire him.

So, given that I can't talk about the topics that interest me most, what would you like to have me expound upon? Go on, don't be shy. I don't bite. I'm a really nice guy*.

* Normally the phrase "really nice guy" is the kiss of death to any relationship, but I hope that, in this instance, it draws each of you into a closer emotional bond with yours truly. I look forward to all of us sitting around in our PJs, drinking hot chocky, and swapping stories until those Brady boys put itching powder in our sleeping bags and ruin everything!

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Rae at 07:55 AM | Comments (3) | Knights of the Table
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Behind the scenes in BlogRae

This is your embedded reporter Randy Thomas from the ETC newschannel. For the next five days a team of guest bloggers have been invited to uncover truth, expound on important realities and better improve the overall human condition through great writing and incredible insight.

I want none of that.

NO my job is to explore the backrooms and behind the scene deals of BlogRae. We are going to expose the truths behind the popularity of this "Lady of the Sphere."

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December 15, 2004

Spheres of Influence

Jeremy here

How does one view expansion?
It is like a concussion cascade, first an implosion followed by a geometric explosion, or is it more of a gradually decreasing creeping fog.

I think back to my first venture into the internets, (Ignoring the old dial up BBSs of my youth) but rather the internet adventures of the early to mid ninties.

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Pomp and Circumstance

I think it pretty unanimous that seventh grade for most people was just downright awful. Interview strangers and friends alike and the year of school nominated as the worst is always seventh.

My friend K is graduating from college on Saturday. She generously bought a plane ticket for me and I am flying to the midwest to watch her walk and to later celebrate with her her hard earned degree. For some philanthropic reason, she has chosen to teach fifth grade reading. Give this woman and hand and a prayer, too. She will be terrific and I am confident that the kids who pass through her classroom will not only have learned how to diagram sentences and comma splices, the difference between prose and poetry, love of good literature, but they will recall that at least one thing was good about their seventh grade year: Mrs. K.

Congratulations, K. It hasn't been easy to work, study, and raise a family. I can't wait to see you in a cap and gown, my friend. All the best (and I promise we're moving back soon).

While I am away, I have invited several guest bloggers to post in my absence. I will still be viewing and commenting, but no posting. Have fun with the show and remember the rules :D

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Rae at 05:32 PM | Comments (3)
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Find Something To Do

Bit excessive, isn't it?

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Just Perfect

"He made me laugh."

"Get ready for greatness."

"Nobody thought we would do this. Nobody thought it would work."

"You just described every great success story."

I knew there was a reason I picked this movie on this night.

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It's Official

I am old.

None of the four kids working at Hollywood Video recognized the movie Say Anything.
P.S. Ione Skye is still pretty. John Cusack is still terrific. Peter Gabriel is, ummm, mature.

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Show Thyself or Go Away

Person using a Macintosh computer that logs into the University of Missouri-Columbia to surf the web: What do you want? What are you looking for? Why are you coming to my blog 15 times a day?

This is just weird!

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December 14, 2004

Happy 14th Anniversary, R :)

Happy 14th Anniversary, R :)

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December 13, 2004

Todos los Dias

Announcing the newest Lady of the 'Sphere: Cindy, of Quotidian Light. Welcome her thoughtful blog with a comment, or two.

Note: You will need occasionally need a dictionary to read her. She is one smart cookie.

Updated: Thanks, Eduardo, for setting me straight :)

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December 12, 2004

Sing with me...

Happy Blogiversary to David R. Darrow, artist (this is my personal favorite)
Image © David R. Darrow. Used by permission of the artist

and blog author of My Thoughts...Exactly.

I enjoy reading your blog, Mr. Darrow, and here's to another year of thoughts and art.

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A Full House

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence
You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well. An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly. You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view. A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

That was fun and accurate.

HT- The Royal Flush.

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Help Wanted

Needed: someway to track down identity of viewer of blog via ISP.

Respond to: comment section below.

We'll call you if you fit the description.

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Spotless Review

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my top ten favorite movies. Well, it would be if I could maintain a top ten, but I have far too many favorites to make a list. Besides, favorite lists are so restricting...

Oh, anyway, the point: Jeremy has written a fantastic and detailed review of the film.

But I must disagree with you Geek-of-the-Court, I like Jim Carrey.

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A Grown-Up Chrismas List

Joan needs to write a book. She could outsell that Dr. Laura. Needing gift ideas?

Caution: This list might not make it through your filter, but it will make you laugh.

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Deep Calls to Deep

Someone recently made the comment that my posting has been light. At first, I took it as a quantitative statement. A few hours later (I am on the "pick-a-number" mode this month), it occured to me that the person was speaking of the qualitative value of my posting.

EXTP that I am, I use extraverted intuition and introverted thinking to understand the world around me, to analyze and make sense of it, to give it order. I am always thinking. When my body is tired, my heart is full, and my spirit heavy, my brain becomes overloaded. To quote: "Under stress, the ENTP may lose their ability to generate possibilities, and become obsessed with minor details. These details may seem to be extremely important to the ENTP, but in reality are usually not important to the big picture." The things that I have been examining are things about which I have not the freedom to discuss, and that is typically what I do on this blog: write about that which is churning rapidly or calmly flowing through my soul. The writing process manufactures perspective for me. Wading into all that permeates me and that has left a mark somewhere on my being, I find that writing helps me organize the thoughts that might not damn my soul, but would provide for me a miserable mortal existence were they not examined.

So, if the blog is silent on things of the deep, it is simply because they haven't yet broken surface, or because I must keep them under for awhile, and that isn't easy for me to do.

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Honk Honk (The sound of my own horn)

While in St. Louis last month, I decided to take advantage of the proximity of good shopping location. I didn't know what I was looking for specifically, but I knew that I would know it when I found it.

I am not ashamed to say that I will take knock-offs, as long as they are well-made, but then I hardly doubt that Issac Mizrahi is a second rate designer. He just sells to the Target crowd what said crowd won't be fool enough to pay too much for. So, anyway, with my delicious Panera coffee in hand, I swung through his section. My eyes immediately fell on a knee-length, silk faille skirt (of course, I don't look like a twelve year-old boy in it like the model does). I paired it with a black, boat neck 3/4 sleeve tie neck sweater, black fish-nets, black square toed heels (I had wanted these, but alas, all the nines were gone), some sparkly drop earrings, a simple silver bangle to accompany my right hand ring (last year's birthday gift from R), and I was set for a few seasonal events. Imagine my vain delight at seeing my skirt and sweater picks in this month's Lucky.

Read more Honk Honk (The sound of my own horn) »

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Fare thee well

One less advocate to read. I will miss your thoughts, Robert.

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December 11, 2004

Celebrate Good Times

Goodbye germs! Goodbye Grouchy-Grey-Haired-Grinches (a phrase coined by my lovely little ladies- love of alliteration runs in the family)!

Dood! We got a Dell. (Thank you, K- Amy's prince charming).

Now, pass the hors d'oeuvres, turn up the music, get a refill and enjoy yourselves.

P.S. Oh, and Jeff, this means my cart is officially retired. ;p

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December 09, 2004

In the news

R just sent me a link to some comments made by Lt. Col. Bellon printed in the Boston Globe.

Now, who was that commentor who said that Lt. Col. Bellon wasn't real and neither were the well-worded and accurate letters that he was sending home? So, I guess the reporter isn't real, and perhaps, the Boston Globe isn't either?

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For the viewer from, if you are a benefactor, then I welcome your lengthy visits, if not, and malevolence is your plan, remember, I know every time you visit, for how long, what OS, all the pages you viewed, etc.

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Visitor's Time Dec 09 2004 11:20:31 am

I sure hope that this isn't the brother of a certain someone because I thought that our families were friends and it would cut like a knife if you were surfing for ways to support his bizarre assertations. Show yourself in an honest, upright, Christian manner and if you want to know something, ask.

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December 08, 2004

This isn't Oz

Yes, well, obviously I am not going to purchase this one, but, I am going to buy the newly published one with Michael Hague as the illustrator at my local bookstore for the family for Christmas. I can't wait to read it.

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Someone has been spending a substantial amount of time perusing my blog:

Domain Name ? (Educational)
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Visitor's Time Dec 08 2004 6:32:16 pm

If the viewer is who I think it is, you will find nothing. Aboslutely nothing. Go home and look in the mirror.

However, if it isn't who I think it to be, I sincerely apologize. Welcome and come often, but be polite and civil.

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Urban Legend

Wanna hear a good one?

The latest rumor about moi is that I am a |e$bian (spoken only to a few people, but recall that slander is real). Why am I thought to be a |e$bian? Because I one time told my best friend that her body looked great after having had several children..

The reason this situation would be considered a defamation of character is because I am a Protestant, Conservative Christian (read: homo$exua|ity not acceptable), so for something to be whispered or loudly discussed about me that is not true and unacceptable in my specific culture and thus I could be viewed differently because of said lies, it is defamation of character. Everyday I go into a closet and come right back out exactly the same as I went in- hetero.

Uh-huh. Keep reaching. Look at the three fingers pointing right back at you.

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December 07, 2004

A Different Election Night

Last week, I walked into the Friends of the Library meeting as myself. I walked out as the president. Once home, I examined just how that happened. There is a pattern. When someone new comes to the table with ideas, they are immediately pegged as a leader. I confess that I did accept the nomination, but only after I insisted on 30 minutes to think about it. It's not that I didn't want the position, I mean, my sense of vanity was completely appealed to, but I didn't want to over commit myself and in the process shape my name into something that doesn't accurately represent me.

So, after 29 and a half minutes of contemplative thought, I accepted. Behold, the new president of the Friends of the Library.

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Rae at 02:44 PM | Comments (9) | It's ALL about me
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December 06, 2004

Visions of Sugar Plums

New Dinnerware (two, please).

New Flatware (three please)

Mmmmm, lime.

Shod me.

And again.

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While respecting the privacy of

While respecting the privacy of a dear friend, I must say that it is absolutely killing me to not be able to help her in her hour of need.

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December 02, 2004


To the searcher using Google to find a grumpy, cranky, yiddish "something:" I honestly don't know my entire family history, so while I am occasionally grumpy and cranky, and have been known to utilize some yiddish, I don't think you'll find entirely what you are looking for here.

Maybe this would be of some assistance?

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Attention people:

Ahem. The Lemur has moved.

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December 01, 2004

Courtesy Call

Uhhh, can I get the people who are coming over here from Sean Hannity's forum give me a link to the post that links to me?

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