April 30, 2004

Comfort, Consolation, and a Call to Spiritual Arms

A post by Blackfive and Baldilocks prompted this morning's thoughts.

As young lovers, R and I were parted for him to serve the United States by service in the U.S. Marine Corps in Desert Storm. I was pregnant with our first child; my heart, also, gravid with anxiety.

While reading my Bible one morning, I came across this scripture:

"And the Lord will continually guide you,
And satisfy your desire in scorched places,
And give strength to your bones;
And you will be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."

Isaiah 58:11

My heart was immediately unfettered.

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April 29, 2004

No Longer a Squire

I am adding a new young Knight to the Round Table.

Joe has been one of my most faithful readers. I stumbled on his blog through Ultrablognetic (listed in Blogger's side bar of newest, coolest blogs). I spent some time perusing his site and was very impressed with his bio.

I warn you, Joe uses language; colorful and expressive language but he is not your "typical angry young man" living in the city. He slays his dragons (one day at a time, like the rest of us). He rescued his lady in waiting and made her his bride and co-counsel. He wanders the virtual land of his kingdom finding ways to better the real one through it. He is unswayed by the lies through which the town crier attempts to deceive him. Just check this out.

So, Joe, sorry it took me so long. Welcome!

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April 28, 2004

Check the Mileage...

I have these moments in my life when I having a longing for my mother. I have been assured by my dear mother-in-law that it never leaves.

I was awakened by a call from mom this morning. I was delighted to hear from her. She has just finished a tour of active duty in the war as a Major in the United States Army Reserves. She gladly served state-side the entire tour at an Army hospital.

It has taken a few years, but I do now not only love my mother because she gave me life, but because she is my friend.

If Life is a trip then we all pack a bit of something to take with us. Unfortunately, the early travels with my mother were ladden with too much baggage. We have taken a few wrong turns and found ourselves lost in a Mexican town unable to find a bathroom and desperately thirsty. With some hard to follow directions, we navigated our way out, but it was a typical Mexican road- very bumpy. We decided to drop a few of the unnecessary outfits and annoying accessories and found not only was the burden lighter, but we then had room to replace the unwanted items with things we really desired and that were not only functional, but complimentary, too.

So, here we are, cruising the highway of life. Now when we jump off the interstate, the other doesn't mind so much because we have learned to trust whoever is driving.

Thanks for working hard mom, not only for me and Nick, but for the men and women in service to this country.

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Oh My!

It might be time to block googling, yahooing, aol-ing searchers. I can't handle the thought of knowing this. Go away and don't come back; I don't think we have the goods you're looking for (*shuddering*).

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Email from Dave - Apr 26, 04

Dave's folks were so kind to share this with us. I have only altered it in removing the name of Dave's son.

Dad -

Got the first package with the jerky, chicken and tuna. It was great. Particularly like the beef jerky and chicken.

The Bronze Star and promotion are no big deal. Without being falsely modest, I was doing my job and many guys who did as much or more will have gone unrecognized.

The diplomatic efforts ongoing are a necessary part of our overall efforts to stabilize Iraq.

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April 27, 2004

You spot it, You got i!

I whined! I whined! I am patience-challenged by whiners, and I have to go and whine.

Ahem, please accept my sincere apology and I commit that I will not whine again, only wine from now on.

P.S. and totally off-topic- Why do drive-up ATM's have Braille instructions?

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Oh Where, Oh Where are my Commentors gone?

*sniff sniff* So, I go away on a much needed, very refreshing vacation and many (not all) of my loyal readers and commentors have abandoned me?

I'm with Ith-pass the milk!

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April 26, 2004

Coincidence? Nahhhhh

Last night, I went downstairs to lay in bed with E to read and talk (she was still awake). Hearing movement above us, I went upstairs to see who was up. R told me that he couldn't sleep; his mind was racing. Assuming it was about work, I told him to just tell himself that he can't do anything until tomorrow- now he can rest. He then told me that he kept thinking about Dave. He was concerned for him.

When I can't seem to stop thinking about a person, I have learned to take that as a prompting to pray for that person.

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The Girl is Back in Town

Let's see, a 2 1/2 hour drive to the Kansas City Airport; a 1 hour wait for departure; a 3 hour flight; a 2 1/2 hour drive from Las Vegas Home (plus a delicious stop at In-and-Out). It was so comforting to receive Rob's warm embrace in the glaring lights and blaring super screens of McCarran. It was a long trip, but I am happy to be home.

It was lovely to snuggle with everyone on Sunday morning (one of the luxuries a king size affords); to hear their voices chattering away; to giggle together. We languidly finished our brunch and spent the rest of the day wandering in and out of rooms breathing in each other's presence.

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You want the truth?

Updated: It is his desire in leading young marines like Chance, that Major Dave Bellon returned to Iraq when asked.
Thanks to BlackFive.

This letter is one that Major Dave Bellon, USMC, wrote to his dad recently. Strange how his perspective is vastly different than that of the "objective" media, isn't it? Please read and please pray for this Marine and the people of Iraq whose liberties aren't even emaciated, but rather, non-existent.

Dad -

As you have probably seen, the going is a bit tough here right now. I know
that there are times when it must seem like things are going to hell in a
hand basket - truthfully it seems like that to me from time to time - but
you should see the young Marines scratch and claw to keep the genie in the

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Rae at 12:26 AM | Comments (3) | Truth from the Front
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He is one of the few, I am one of the many proud

On our ride home from Las Vegas, in the course of sharing the happenings of the week, R told me that he thinks his boyhood friend, Dave Bellon has gone back to Iraq.

Dave was called up in 2003 as a Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He and his wife had settled comfortably into their southern California home. His law practice was going well. They welcomed children into the world. He was called to active duty, he proudly went and he honorably served.

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April 25, 2004

(Not) Going to the Chapel

Having seen my own mother widowed at 30, I sometimes contemplate things that perhaps I may not have.

R has my permission and blessing to remarry should I die.

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April 24, 2004

The Plan

Kris and I went to see Man on Fire with Denzel Washington. It was one of the most intense and moving films that I have seen.

It brought our conversation into the realm of "what would you do if" (faced with the same situation the movie presented). We agreed that, honestly, becoming a vigilante was the only response. As a professing believer in God, I should have faith that He will have vegence. And, I do. It is the U.S. government that I do not trust to render swift and appropriate judgement.

Full disclosure of penalites for harming any of my children will not be revealed here. I do not wish to provide the details that could incriminate my retribution, but suffice it to say, I married a strong man. He and I would rather spend a bit of condemned time in order to make sure that any violater of our children would never desire to harm even an insect again.

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April 20, 2004


I am nipping in here quickly to say I am having an absolutely fabulous time.

Oh, and please go tell Kenyon, Julie and Zachary congratulations on their news. It's a......

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April 16, 2004

Gift From the Sea

Norah is slowly crooning me down the hall to my bed. R and I will get a quick nap and then head to Las Vegas so I can catch my redeye at 6:50 A.M. tomorrow. Then he and the girls will travel on to Prescott, AZ to see Kris and Amy. They are looking forward to their little jaunt. We meet again in our hearts and dreams, but in body next Saturday.

I am heading back east to visit MFK. She is keeping a photoblog now, and as I am taking along my lovely digi, I think we shall post some shots of our adventures.

I will still post as she and other friends have a computer stuck somewhere in their home. I will miss my family. Each time I take a trip, the night before I leave, I wander through the girls' rooms, listening to them breathe and touching their soft cheeks. My progeny. Yes, God created them, but in the paradise of my womb they thrived and I fattened them on the milk of my breasts. I always miss them.

And R; he is my heart. Where I go, my heart always comes along.

Well, the Coors is empty and Norah is on her last song. I still need to throw my things into a bag. Sleep well, blogdom.

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April 15, 2004

I don't mean to say, but wait, maybe I do...

There are really very few people that I come into contact with that I struggle to like. The only requirement I have is transparency; as in "be yourself." In my entire life, I can think of two people who I really and truly didn't like because they were the fakest people I ever knew. I could never really put my finger on it- was I jealous of these two women? I mean they had "everything:" a high paying career; a nanny that came to the house; a housekeeper; a company car; a gorgeous home; designer clothes; "position" in society of a small town. No, it really wasn't that. Well, O.K. maybe a little bit (who doesn't want someone else to clean?), but really, I made some choices a long time ago, too. Such as:

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April 12, 2004

Please pass (by) the Cheese

I cannot help being a purist. When a truly terrific piece of literature is made into a movie, I attend expecting the words to have found a visual venue; an exact copy. I understand cutting scenes due to time. I even understand creative interpretation, but to totally change the book leaves me....annoyed and disappointed.

I must confess to my love of Cinderella stories. I think it is because I relate so well to them (one evil stepfather was my step-nightmare). I collect them; the Persian one being my favorite. Their stories surpass time and culture.

Ella Enchanted is the perfect version.

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When will I learn to save my work while I am working on it, so that when the geriatric computer does something it shouldn't, I simply open the saved file and begin again?

Listen closely....can you hear me growling and swearing (very much under my breath due to the presence of children)?

I am putting myself into time out (with coffee-crummy coffee, too, stinkin' budget) and the computer is going into the stocks, erm, corner.

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April 10, 2004

A Few Things...

O.K. so here is a tiny bit more information about moi-just for the curious...

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Rae at 09:19 PM | Comments (32) | It's ALL about me
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April 09, 2004


Before I say another word, let me thank The Bartender for setting this blog up (you are the best :) ) and Pam for my beautiful banner. You guys are terrific! I truly "couldn't have done it without you."

Now, in 1997, while wandering through the young adult section of the terrific little library I was so blessed to have, I found a book by first time author, Gail Carson Levine, Ella Enchanted.

I could not put the book down. I immediately recommended it to all my girlfriends and E and I promptly began it the next evening during The Children's Hour (see Longfellow). Then I read it to A when she was old enough and, finally, C at age 6.

As the years passed by,

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Rae at 01:02 PM | Comments (4)
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April 08, 2004

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement

I don't typically tub during daylight, but as I was feeling rather ill yesterday, I decided to fill my bath and soak for a while. I knotted my hair and stepped in. It was quiet and I watched the water moving around my body. I stared at my laquered glittering toes (shattered pink); the sound of nothing soothing me.

I know where I got this ripping sore throat.

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April 03, 2004

"Well we movin' on up..."

Since 2001, I have lived in five homes. There is a story behind each move; a strong and rational force behind each one. When we moved 1500 miles, R's company paid to have us moved. One Tuesday, the guys showed up with boxes, tape, and coffee and began to shove our belongings into corrugated cardboard. I steadfastly refused to allow them to do the bathroom and my unmentionables drawer. While being quite open-minded, I am a bit Victorian in my conscience as to strange men seeing what I purchase and present for R's peeps only. It also made me feel quite naughty to think of them handling my "undergarments." The head guy was quite nice about it all. He told me what was allowable ("nothing flammable" so unless I wanted to pack it in my own suitcase and drag it along Interstate 70 across flat plains and Rockies, I had to give it away. My girlfriends, though sad at my departure, at least feigned a bit of guilt in acquiring some of my things) and then asked me to tape and label the box according to his personal specifications. I learned why they have men come and pack, they packed several things that I had in the sink (planning, of course to wash them); I firmly believe a woman would have felt obligated to ask me if I wanted to clean them up first.

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April 01, 2004


I...am...so...tired. All I really want is to sleep. You see, I try to be a good neighbor. I mean, who wants a neighbor that is always complaining to you about things, um, like your boys dropping a big stick and a few good sized rocks down a pipe in your yard and it causing the plumber to visit (and we all know how cheap that is); or perhaps always complaining about your dog leaving his calling cards in the front yard?

When my neighbors delivered their first child and stayed up on the deck until 4:30 in the morning talking and talking and talking and talking and talking...

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