April 02, 2005

Some Questions Answered

Dancing Queen, a dear friend from the Mother Land, asked why the musical is kicking my butt.

My analysis:

1. DQ, you have seen me dance. Don't you remember that adult dance class that you taught all of us? Recall all the laughing we did? At me? I am not a spacial person (although R says I am. Har, har, har.). Yesterday, our first time on stage in the gorgeous Randall Jones Theatre, the dance instructor wanted to change a few things. Fine. Then she wanted to change more. I felt my stomach begin to twist. It is enough for me to sing, count, dance, and remain in character without looking like I am having a seizure. It's not that I can't dance (although you, DQ, and my other Dancing Friend whom we all miss in the 'sphere could earn extra money, lots of it, dancing either professionally or, ummm, in a dance style not quite recognized as "professional"), it's that I just need time to watch it being done, not, "Oh, change this to this, and add this, turning here, and then let's switch the partners that you've all had for the last five weeks, mmmkay? Good." I actually am giving a gift to two gals who convinced the choreographer to not change the partners. Acting I can do. Acting I love. Now, when I watch a musical, I am looking at all the ensemble members busting their arses behind the stars, 'cause I know that that's who fills out the picture with character and color.

2. Practice from 6-10 (which really means 6:50 to 10:20) every night, and now including the last two Saturdays, is a bit challenging. Not only am I teaching school, carting children during the day to swim team (although I am greatly blessed that new neighbor has placed her children on the team and generously shares the car pooling duties), piano lessons, doctor appointments, library trips, all included with the daily rush home to get some sort of dinner thrown together, leaving the other three home to either wait for R to return from work or to consume it themselves, alone, because they have something that they have also got to be at that evening, takes its toll.

3. I am having a terrific time. When we are there, and working, especially now on stage, with the props, and getting the lighting down, and soon with dress rehearsals coming, it is absolute fun. I love seeing it coming all together. The director is so very creative and really in touch with the essence that is Oliver!

4. I also love watching E. She has been a bit more self-conscious this year in her acting. But I have heard that is typical of her age, that questioning self-awareness that comes with adolescence and permeates everything, even that in which they typically excel. She is gorgeous; her voice so lovely, and she is learning a lot about production, which is important, too.

5. You know me, DQ. As much as I complain, I am sure, that when the opportunity presents again next spring, I will be third in line, ready to sign up for an audition. :D

Posted by Rae at April 2, 2005 06:35 PM | TrackBack

Well, I feel alot better. By the way, I do remember your dancing ability and you were very graceful and had beautiful long lines. You also had lots of rhythm so lighten up on yourself and have fun!! Wish I could come see the show.

Posted by: DancingQueen at April 2, 2005 07:30 PM

But it's hilarious that the dancing instructor gets carried away & acts like she's dealing with Broadway pros. "Change this, change that!" like you've been doing this for a living for years & can turn on a dime

Posted by: jeff at April 2, 2005 08:06 PM

Oh, Jeff, really, she is quite pleasant. Actually, this is being put on by the University and I think that of the adults there are only two of us who are community members, so the college students are mostly (if not all) theatre majors and dancers. This is easy for them. If she forgets anythings, it's that I am 35 and not a theatre major.

DQ- you, my dear, are too kind. But, I do thank you, and there is still time to pack the children into the van and take a quick trip across the US to come see us :D

Posted by: Rae at April 3, 2005 12:51 AM
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