September 14, 2005

Can you see this?

It's my eyes rolling when I saw the "Liberal Blogosphere Hurricane Relief" button which took me to the Red Cross homepage.

Wow! First, I didn't know the liberal blogosphere contracted with the Red Cross; second, I had absolutely no idea that the people of Hurricane Katrina would refuse aid from a conservative.

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March 03, 2005

Third Time's A Charm

Nothing like a little humiliation to get a girl to stop.

Thanks for the lesson on 'Sphere Protocol, Bill.

Here's a lesson from me, a lowly, yet "attractive blonde" begging, woman blogger: a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. I'll just to keep to my side of the tracks from now on.

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October 23, 2004

Hand-sanitizer please....

I suppose that Newsweek in an attempt to counter all the conservative bloggers challenge of media bias decided to showcase someone on their side.

My only experience with this hateful rude person showed me that his tolerance level only extends as far as his hand can shake; if he extends it.

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July 14, 2004

Please Ignore this Whining Post

You know, it's your blog and you can put anything on it you like. Really. Go ahead.

But you can't deny how good it felt to get your first link, comment, e-mail about a post.

Furthermore, it had to be extremely exciting when one of the big bloggers out there gave you a mention. Then you find out that there are truly monolythic bloggers out there who have only the time for other monolythic bloggers and you get ignored when you comment and then one day, you realize that they really think it "quaint" that you have linked them. If they have even noticed.

Don't mind me. Really. What was I thinking, really, I mean if they had to list everyone.....

*then you feel like a coveting-obsessive-link-fool who should only be writing for "the joy of it" and even stupider for thinking your own writing would be considered high enough caliber for one of the monolyths anyway.

Sigh. Please excuse me while I get back to blogging for the joy (aka therapy) of it all.

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