August 05, 2005


Wow, and all this time I've been reading Nietzsche, Descarte, Plato, Hume when all I really needed was to be studying this man.

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March 05, 2005

A New Jersey

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me reveals that the NFL's attempts at being PC have been influenced by complaining bloggers.

You can now get your favorite NFL jersey personalized with the name "Gay" on the back.

Ahhh, the progress compelled by the 'Sphere.

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December 31, 2004

No Hall Pass Required

After watching Mean Girls (I can't believe I did, but, yes, I did) with E tonight, and talking about it (we found the opening depiction of non-homeschooler's presumptions about home-educated kids accurately hysterical)-- discussing how gossip can be so painful and cause so much misunderstanding and hate, not to mention how one must be as shrewd as a viper and as gentle as a lamb-- I shared how R and I weren't relegated to any one single group in high school. We hung out a little bit with everyone. Now, confessedly, some of that was self-preservation in my case. I mean, I didn't really like Dee Dee's eyeliner, but I really did have to pee, so, I might have tweaked my opinion in favor of a bathroom stall and making it out alive. But, I did like Dee Dee, and I think she knew I didn't like her eyeliner, but she knew I liked her and that's why my arse was allowed back out of the girl's room in the same shape it went in.

E and I also talked about cliques and how they get formed and how it's o.k. to have a group of friends, but how it can also be limiting in knowing and understanding people who are different than yourself. The blogosphere is no different. Really. When I went to Wizbang's blog awards, I mostly saw blogs with which I am at least familiar. But, when I was reading Greg tonight, I followed the link to a different blog awards, and saw only a handful of blogs that I recognized (and even promoted in a previous post), and found a whole lot of new faces.

So, now that I no longer have to hand out lying compliments in order to get back to chemisty class with Mr. White, I politely ask you to visit these sites in order to broaden the horizon in your corner of the 'sphere. Now, will you please let me past?

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