June 06, 2005


Pam reworked the lovely banner she gifted me with for my birthday earlier this year, and the Court Geek, Jeremy, geek-tweeked a few things for me, too (though not without a bit of smirking about my choice of an Apple iBook).

Thanks so much :D

I added more blogs to the roll and put some things back in order around the place.

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March 19, 2005

Handy with A Dustcloth

I have been cleaning blog ALL DAY long!

I went into Haloscan and retrieved comments that I packed and saved but never set-up once I got moved to MuNu.

Then I found several old spam comments and decided to clean out all the corners (delete them).


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March 07, 2005


Those interesting icons in the window when you go to someone's site....yeah, well, I would like to have one of those. I'd obviously choose the pink zinnia.

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March 03, 2005

Pretty in Pink

Alisha has a very new do. Go see. And I think we all know how I feel about pink. Awww, she's in love thanks to Moxie. :D

Man, I just keep looking at it, like a dress in a shop. It makes me want a new template.....Jeff? Mr. Bartender? Where art thou?

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Rae at 12:22 PM | Comments (1) | Home Improvements
Pink Slip Central links with: Love love love my new digs!

February 24, 2005

Fear and Loathing in.....Los Angeles

The Hyatt West Hollywood (seven over and six up should show exactly my balcony). An upgrade (unsolicited) to a balcony view of the strip. Interesting....

The driver had a blues station playing ("PYT," "What's Goin' On" and "Forget-Me-Nots" were recognized tunes). It was funny to see supermarkets named "Ralphs" and to also see within two blocks a Hebrew school ("free to kids in public school" and actually a Hasidic Jew boarded in St. G [how weird and unusual in this region]) and the Bahai Community (made me think of my college roommate E) meeting place. I saw more psychics and Persian rugs than I thought possible in a three mile strip.

Am now tired and heading to bed. I filled out my breakfast room service request and will awaken early to prepare to discuss why choosing to sacrifice 20 years to rear children is more beneficial than sacrificing children for 20 years to have a career.

I covet your prayers and positive thoughts.

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And she's off

So, a few details to attend, and I am off. Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts, and for those that are believing, praying people, ahem, please do so for me. :D

If the hotel has a computer, I will attempt to post something, if not, it can be assured that the experience will be captured and published here when I return.

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February 22, 2005


The new banner is a generous birthday gift from Pam.

Thank you verra* much, Pam. I am truly delighted :D

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January 27, 2005

A Summer Wedding


My terrific baby brother, whom I love and am proud to be associated with, is getting married to a wonderful, pretty, smart, kind woman.

I am so happy for you. The ring is just gorgeous, too :D [It might look small in the picture, but it most definitely isn't small].

P.S. "Ann," you know who to call when you need to understand your mother-in-law, right?

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January 16, 2005

How does Holland manage?

My nose has super powers. I can smell anything from any distance. The hormones of pregnancy and the rigors of motherhood have only strengthened it's prowess.

So, when I say something smells funny, my family typically takes note. Well, guess what? This time my nose detected that funky old basement smell- musty and slightly damp.

E noticed that one of the Columbia-click boards was higher than the other. R went over to investigate as foundational and large structure home maintenance are the duties he claims.

For some reason, I thought living in the desert would free us from the "water in the basement" concern. However, due to the most recent rainfall in our area, I guess not.

As R was walking upstairs he said quietly, well I thought I was going to sleep tonight.

If it isn't one thing it is another. This time, I choose to look at the fact that all of our children are sleeping quietly and in health in their own beds. I choose to recall that my tummy had a delicious meal this afternoon and will have three more tomorrow. That I can drive myself anywhere I wish, vote for whom I choose, wear what I desire, and support or disagree with whomever I want. So, a little water is getting in somewhere....we have one another, our consciences, and our liberty. And good home insurance, too.

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January 07, 2005

Stay-At-Home Mom (my foot)

"The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. " Thomas Moore

I quite like this quote.

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December 30, 2004


Even as I typed my goodbye, I wasn't sure that I could completely quit. I think writing is my anti-depressant. It helps me work through many thoughts and things that might otherwise suffocate my spirit. With some input from my family, I have decided to schedule my blogging and use the old fashioned paper and mechanical pencil to collect and keep my thoughts inbetween typing. So, while the posting might not be as frequent, it will continue. Thanks to all who encouraged me in my decision making process.

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October 28, 2004

Other Election News

WoW! Someone nominated my post Kerrized France for this week's vote!

Thank you so much! There is some fab reading over there, so read all the submissions :D

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August 27, 2004


Three days a week I walk three miles with my neighbor. On the other days, we do Firm videos. We lift weights everyday (thanks to R for writing a program for me). My high cholestrol (258 total) motivated me to be more consistent in exercise (it's completely genetic), but I confess that I have other motivating factors, as well.

Conspiracy theories aren't my game and I don't believe that terrorists will overtake this country. I do think that by removing the modern conveniences to which we have become so accustomed they can create a choatic environment that would cause neighbor to rise against neighbor in the quest for survival. I don't think about this every hour of everyday, but it does cross my mind on occasion and I want to be fit enough to have to walk ten or twenty miles should it be required; to carry gear; my four year-old.

Aside from being physically prepared for anything that comes our way, R and I want to exemplify physical activity in front of our children. We want it to be seen as fun and beneficial. By having our girls swim three days a week, we want for them in their adult life to be uncomfortable in their conscience when they haven't exercised. We want them to feel a sense of personal obligation to stay fit.

So, as I push through the discomfort of another set of crunches, curls, and another half mile I have not only myself in mind, although I ultimately benefit and who doesn't want a more shapely body?

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July 27, 2004

A (Non)Commerical Break

We interupt the current blog snow to bring you this important message:

"At the risk of losing hits, the author wishes us to inform you that she has realized the finality of summer is upon her and has curled up with a book; is blowing bubbles with K; celebrating her oldest becoming a teenager (*sniff-sniff*); cuddling with C on the top bunk in the mornings; talking with A on the deck after dinner; going for walks with R in the evenings and then lying on the porch star-gazing and planning together. So, she is on temporary hiatus as she seizes the day and spends a bit more time with those she loves and those that love her. She plans to return to her regularly scheduled blogging next week."

Thank you and we now return you to the same stale blog snow.

(Now get outside; make a phone call; write a letter with pen and ink; visit a relative; do nothing; read a book; but for goodness sake! get off the computer! Carpe diem!)

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June 24, 2004

No thank you to the Twinkies

My third day with no coffee. Why? Well, in the last six years it seems my normally low blood pressure has gone into the high-normal range. And my cholesterol. It's 258. I am 5'8 1/2 and weigh 140. So, it isn't obesity or being overweight that is causing the high cholesterol and blood pressure.

My mother redefined time for herself a long time ago. The other day she commented that "we have always been able to talk." I stiffled a chortle and my silence propelled her on to other conversation. I love my mother and long ago forgave her, but in choosing to forgive, I also chose never to forget; thus not allowing myself to rewrite my own history.

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May 26, 2004

Their mother, their mother, Alas they haven't another

When I am angry, I want to know why. I want to understand, to analyze, to dissect, take apart. I have an intense need to figure it out and then fix or adjust. I know this comes from the home in which I grew up. We were terrific pretenders: let's go to this person's house and laugh and be entertaining and make them all believe we are one happy family. We ignored anything and everything that might cause self-examination. That would be too much effort and cause too much pain. Better just to go to school everyday and lead the teachers to believe that your evening had gone perfectly: you arrived home to a snack and a parent; you played in safety with the neighborhood children until your mother or father called you in to dinner; you ate together and chatted away the whole meal. Afterwards you helped your mother clear the dishes and then your dad sat down and helped you with your homework. A few television shows shared together and lovingly tucked into bed with prayers and wishes for good sleeping completed your evening. Yeah, make 'em think that 'cause it's way harder to hear the truth: you arrive home to no snack or parent. The bus ride was hell because the boys in the back wouldn't stop teasing you with vulgar things they said or worse, demonstrated. You wander over to a neighbor's home to play and maybe see if they might have some food. You play outside hoping that your mom will come home soon because your mother's live-in has arrived there first and he'll just find some reason to kick you, pull your hair, or otherwise blame you for some calamity in the house.

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