December 21, 2004

Beware of the Grey Language Police!

Some of you might know that I've been typesetting a fairly large book, an activity that, while interesting, enriching and rewarding, is extremely tiresome.

It turned out that now I got another book to typeset. This book is just 25% the size of the previous one (i.e., around 100 pages). But there is a big problem with it: The author(s) are not exactly in friendly terms with the Spanish language. Tell me about something time-consuming! The book is so ridden with spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, that if I could fire a bullet for every gross mistake I've found, I would make the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie look pale in comparison. Worse yet... the main author is a distinguished Ph.D. and scholar.

Call me a snob, but I find spelling mistakes in my native tongue extremely gross and annoying. It just destroys the image of the writer so much. Thus goes my question: How do you react to those mistakes? What do you do to instill a proper sense of decent writing (in spelling, grammar, and clarity of expression) to your kids?

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December 20, 2004

BlogRae Secrets: The untold story day 5

Hi folks! This is Randy Thomas with the ETC news channel. Yesterday I was bamboozled. Yes BAMBOOZLED by a secret ingredient here in BlogRae. It made me feel all sleepy and lethargic. I felt at peace with life and all of God's creation.

It was a trick I tell ya! A trick to distract me from finding more secrets!

So was this secret ingredient drugs? poison dart? Did Sassie or Nessie slip me a Mickie ... Mickey... whatever? Did Elvis aka E trick me into some macrame mind control?

NO the secret ingredient behind BlogRae is ....

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December 18, 2004

BlogRae Secrets: The untold story Day 3

This is your entrepid...intrepid... whatever... reporter Randy Thomas with the ETC news channel.

On day 3 behind the scenes of BlogRae we have discovered even more evidence of why Rae is such a "buzz"icon of the blogosphere. But before getting into today's report, let's recap. In the first to days we discovered:

There is no one and nothing in the closet to worry about.
Elvis is Rae's personal coach and also invented the blogosphere.
Rae is involved in some sort of mystical negative energy releasing macrame cult led by Elvis

Today's report will be no less revealing. It may even change your life. It certainly did this reporter's ... roll tape...

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December 17, 2004

BlogRae Secrets: The untold story

ETC News reporter Randy Thomas reporting live for the second day behind the scenes of BlogRae. We are here to discover the truth behind the glitz of this famous blog diva.

When we left you yesterday we discovered that the rumors of secrets in the closet were just unfounded.

DRAT! No dirt there... however, we have an interesting discovery behind door number one. Roll tape...

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December 16, 2004

Keeping My Shoes Off The Furniture

You can add me to the ranks of Rae's guest bloggers. I'm not sure what in the heck to post abut, especially since I haven't thought of anything to post on my own blog yet today, but I'll try!

*So, any Farscape fans out there? Ben Browder is joining the Stargate cast next season.

*Email etiquette!! That's today's pet peeve.

*What kind of hand cream do you use?

Well, it's a start....

Hay, wait a minute... how come the formatting buttons in MT are showing up on Firefox? They never show up on mine. I always hand code everything.

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Behind the scenes in BlogRae

This is your embedded reporter Randy Thomas from the ETC newschannel. For the next five days a team of guest bloggers have been invited to uncover truth, expound on important realities and better improve the overall human condition through great writing and incredible insight.

I want none of that.

NO my job is to explore the backrooms and behind the scene deals of BlogRae. We are going to expose the truths behind the popularity of this "Lady of the Sphere."

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December 15, 2004

Find Something To Do

Bit excessive, isn't it?

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Show Thyself or Go Away

Person using a Macintosh computer that logs into the University of Missouri-Columbia to surf the web: What do you want? What are you looking for? Why are you coming to my blog 15 times a day?

This is just weird!

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November 24, 2004

Gimme A Break

Once upon a time there was a little rich girl. When she grew up she decided to go to the University of Southern California. But when she got there, her brainbox was bare, and so she paid Elena Martinez $20,000 to write all her papers, e-mail professors, and earn A's and B's for her.

Excuse me, but why is it that The Rich Girl is any worse than The Cheatee? Isn't taking the $20,000 and actually posing as someone else just as bad as asking and paying someone to do it? Elena Martinez is painted as the poor woman who couldn't afford to stay at USC and so moved home to go to the smaller college and work her way through- yeah, that $20,000 probably made it far more affordable.

Both are wrong, but leave it to the media to make The Rich Girl look all the worse and exonerate the other because she, having less money, couldn't resist the temptation to cheat for another human being's education. And, after all, she did her own work while cheating for The Rich Girl.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Columbia and students of the University of Missouri are a bit relieved to have found a way out of having the new sports arena named after a 22 year-old girl who didn't even attend the university in the town in which she grew-up. Present company included.

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August 28, 2004


Ummmmmm, nope. You find anything of that sort on this tiny speck in the web. But, I will pray for you....

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April 28, 2004

Oh My!

It might be time to block googling, yahooing, aol-ing searchers. I can't handle the thought of knowing this. Go away and don't come back; I don't think we have the goods you're looking for (*shuddering*).

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