March 17, 2005

Questions for Randy

1. Does movement in your spirit move your art?

2. What music do you reach for when in the following moods:
a) angry
b) somber
c) contented
d) grateful

3. What is the earliest artwork you remember creating? Do you have any of your art from your childhood? (You'll need it, you know, when you are a famous artist).

4. What is something about yourself that people might often presume to be true but isn't?

5. Where is your most favorite place in the world?

Posted by Rae at March 17, 2005 12:24 PM | TrackBack

I just answered your questions :)

Posted by: Randy at March 20, 2005 11:14 AM

I just checked Randy's answers. Very good.

I've had his blog bookmarked since February 15, but I don't know how I found it. Maybe here. Would that mean that I tripped over it or that I was hit between the eyes?

Back to drawing lines...

Posted by: Ralph at March 22, 2005 07:11 AM
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