January 12, 2004

I am listening to Susan

I am listening to Susan Graham's La Belle Epoque. I first heard her on a
trip to my mother's while pregnant with K. I was immediately relaxed. So, when I
returned home, I purchased it from Barnes and Noble and used it for relaxation.
It was the first thing I grabbed when I went into labor several months later.
She was born to it. It reminds me of several things, but specifically of her
birth and newborn days. My mother-in-law came and took the other children to her
home for five wonderful days. They had a terrific time of going to the St. Louis
Zoo, The Butterfly House, Powder Valley Nature Center, and The Magic House. I
rested well knowing they were so entertained and having such a nice time with
their grandparents. We wanted the children to be home when we brought K home, so
N arrived the next day. I spent the five days nursing, resting, and looking at
my newborn. This was our last child and I wanted nothing to be easily forgotten
by fatigue and hurry. She is three and like the family pet. We all adore her and
coddle her and quickly soothe her. She is spoiled only by love and adoration.
She, like her sisters before her, seems to have a love of literature and the
spoken word. We do not lack of stories of her exceptional witty, though young,
tongue. Once, while my mother and brother were visiting, we had a very hard time
getting K to stay seated during dinner. She was two. She wanted to be moving
around. Everyone had encouraged her to sit down. The conversation turned to
discussing favorite films. I turned to K and asked her a few questions: "What is
your name?" "K," she replied. "What is your favorite color?" "Yellow." "What is
your quest?" With out a thought she said, "To sit down." We exploded in proud
laughter, she smiled coyly and sat down and finished her Fetticine.

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