December 26, 2003

So, we all are different

So, we all are different
people. Some like this, some prefer that. I think that growing up in a medical
family (mother a nurse, step-monster father anethesiologist) has biased me
toward the medical establishment. As in, I prefer them to the whole
homeopathy/naturopathy route. My thinking is that people died from things now
considered very simple while thinking that rubbing some wild root into their
feet and dropping garlic oil into their ears would heal or remove an infection.
I like antibiotics when used properly, but I don't think that we should shove
pills into our mouths just to alleviate the pain of an ingrown hair. So, where I
am going with this is that my neighbor almost died from a ruptured appendix. She
had intense intestinal cramps for five days. She could hardly walk and had
chills from the fever. She went to some naturopath who told her what I did two
days earlier: "Go the hospital!" On day six, she finally did. All the baths in
ginger and taking all the herbs everyone recommended did nothing! Nothing! So,
in the end, she met with a surgeon and his scalpel. He removed the gangerous
appendage and now she is recovering. She has her life (and some interesting
photos) thanks to the very medical profession that she questions and thinks is
so screwed up. It just amazes me that when none of the weeds of the field seem
to work, where do they go? The oldest child who is the same age as E is with the
other four children by herself while the father is at the hospital. E told me
that she feels sorry for the girl because she is often left to care for the
children. So, E went over to help keep her company. I asked E if she thinks that
I leave her in charge of her siblings too frequently and she said not at all.
Then I asked if she felt compelled to tell me what she thought I wanted to hear.
She was insulted that I would even think that she would not tell me the truth. I
run errands occasionally and leave whoever wants to stay with E if she prefers
not to go. Of course, it's always easy to point at someone else and say,
proudly, "I never do that!" So looking forward to seeing Peter Pan. I can hardly
wait. I am going to take E as A is very sensitive to some fantasy. If after
viewing it, I think that she can handle it, then will take her. R and I watched
Freaky Friday with A tonight. She loves to have us all to herself occasionally.
I like being with only her sometimes. Too tired from too many late nights.

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