April 27, 2004

Oh Where, Oh Where are my Commentors gone?

*sniff sniff* So, I go away on a much needed, very refreshing vacation and many (not all) of my loyal readers and commentors have abandoned me?

I'm with Ith-pass the milk!

Posted by Rae at April 27, 2004 06:26 PM

I'm here!! [waves frantically]

So, not to sound stalkerish, but where do you live anyway? I'm in Central Coastal CA.

Posted by: Ith at April 27, 2004 06:32 PM

Lucky you, Ith! I am in Southern Utah. That is why I cannot join the Bear Flag League (*blinking very quickly*).

Posted by: Rae at April 27, 2004 06:36 PM

Ahh! Guess what? I'm thinking of moving to St. George eventually. I love it there and my parents are probably going to retire there next year.

I think we need a league for gals like us -- whatever that is. :)

Posted by: Ith at April 27, 2004 06:42 PM

Alas, I shall never abandon you my friend! No, no, I must have my daily dose.

Posted by: Kujo at April 27, 2004 08:21 PM

Yes, what kind of gals are we? A league sounds fun, but what to call ourselve....

St. George is far nicer than my dinky train stop north of it about 45 miles. It, would; however, be lot's of fun to get together. But, Ith, no Sephora, no nothing in St. G. Just the typical stores. They're nice, but nothing like you are used to. But, there's always a cool 2 1/2 hour drive to Vegas...

Posted by: Rae at April 27, 2004 11:01 PM


Present and accounted for!!

Posted by: Nee at April 28, 2004 06:20 AM

St. George is about the same as Monterey (no Sephora or anything like it here). We've made three or four trips there in the last few years. Yeah, the fact that Vegas is so close is a plus. The ultimate plus is that I could afford to buy a house.

Posted by: Ith at April 28, 2004 09:29 AM

I'm going on vacation next month, and I'm sure I'll go through the same thing!

Posted by: La Shawn Barber at April 28, 2004 10:47 AM

La Shawn- I'll be there! You were one of the few who came by and checked-up on things while I was out. Thank you :)

Thank you also for the blogroll.

Posted by: Rae at April 28, 2004 11:27 AM

That is one of the saddest ways I have ever seen to get comments. But, heck, it worked, and now you have comments.


Posted by: David R. Darrow at May 28, 2004 08:11 AM
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