December 20, 2004

BlogRae Secrets: The untold story day 5

Hi folks! This is Randy Thomas with the ETC news channel. Yesterday I was bamboozled. Yes BAMBOOZLED by a secret ingredient here in BlogRae. It made me feel all sleepy and lethargic. I felt at peace with life and all of God's creation.

It was a trick I tell ya! A trick to distract me from finding more secrets!

So was this secret ingredient drugs? poison dart? Did Sassie or Nessie slip me a Mickie ... Mickey... whatever? Did Elvis aka E trick me into some macrame mind control?

NO the secret ingredient behind BlogRae is ....


Yep that's right. Little pockets of the stuff still exists. And even when Rae gets a little ranty there is an underlying sense of serenity. If you don't watch out it will sneak up on you... tackle you ... and make you feel nothing but peace. I was so out of it I couldn't post a report yesterday.

Sneaky serenity, you are hiding something ::: one eyebrow raises ::: aren't you?!

It has been reported that the Rae will return to compound BlogRae very soon. I might have to flee with all the secrets uncovered so far. SO to recap...

Elvis aka "E." invented the Blogosphere, is a personal coach to Rae AND leads a macrame mind control cult with Rae.
Sasquatch aka "Sassie" is really a girl, loves lavender shampoo and wants to marry Chewbacca.
The Loch Ness Monsters aka "Nessie" is on a vitamin program developed by Rae and intends to stomp on Barney and take over his show. Sassie refers to Chewbacca and Nessie as "hotties."
And finally
If you stay in BlogRae for several days you will be intoxicated with serenity. BE CAREFUL.

Thank you for such a wonderful time. This is Randy Thomas signing off.

Posted by Rae at December 20, 2004 03:08 PM

Peace that Passes....thanks for your fun posts, Randy :)

(P.S. Glad you stayed away from door number 4... ;) )

Posted by: Rae at December 21, 2004 05:20 AM
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