June 28, 2003

how in the world do

how in the
world do i start this thing? i first found about blogs in 2000 when i met
someone in a barnes & noble (scroll down to Monday, June 26) that admired my
precious little bug. the conversation was quite enjoyable and the woman told me
about a blog that her husband had started. i looked it up and decided it was way
cool! i checked back often and found some really interesting trivial info and
some powerful links. just too ignornant of the whole computer realm to delve
into it. fast foward to 2003, a little more informed and, ta-da, here i am. i
figure it is much cheaper than therapy. i love reading about other people's
lives, either makes me feel more or less dysfunctional, so i thought that maybe
someone out there is similar :) a little about me: am 33 y/o, married for 12 1/2
years, have four daughters, home-educate, live in the west (but am a
midwesterner at heart),am a half fundamental, half orthodox Christian. the rest
will have to be revealed as i blog.

Posted by Rae at June 28, 2003 10:13 AM
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