June 30, 2003

I need Travel Trash for

I need Travel Trash
for my upcoming trip. I am heading back to the midwest for my 15 year class
reunion. I tried desperately not to obsess about myself this time. I
didn't...very much...not really. O.K. just a little bit. I think I look pretty
good for a 33 y/o who has endured the body stretching, brain draining, love
extracting experience of birthing four children and raising (rearing?) them.
It's the zits! I hate them! I took Doxycycline forever. I felt guilty the whole
time taking them because I know that long term anti-biotic use isn't too
healthy. I mean I don't want to die from some flimsy bacterial infection but
have great skin in the casket! I don't have zombs or anything (zit+bomb=zomb),
but am just not happy with the whole complexion thing. So, I recently started on
Septra. There is a cautionary statement with the script and after web research,
I am drinking tons of water (and peeing like a race horse) to insure that
crystalization doesn't occur in my bladder. But hey! I will have fabulous skin
for the reunion. It's one of those ironic situations. Like someone will say,
"Hey! Your face finally cleared up! It looks great!" Isn't the whole reason I am
taking this potentially urinary system threatening medicine so someone will
notice? But wouldn't it be completely insulting for someone to say they noticed?
I remember the 10 year. It was a meal that we shared with all the graduates of
all the years and then someone showed up later and said they were having an
invite at their house and to come over. It ended up being a kegger! It amazed me
that some things, and people obviously, never change! I wasn't judgemental, just
amazed that the same stuff was going on in these people's lives when I felt like
I had been through three or four lifetime since we graduated high school. I was
especially anticipating seeing a friend that had been my extension to the real
world. He was reliable, giving, introspective, and even though he wanted
desperately to have sex with me, he never pushed the issue. He had been such a
good friend and I wanted to meet his wife and see what had gone on in his life.
It was terrible. His wife was this incredibly insecure woman who was insulting
and rude to all the people there. Several of us attempted conversation with her,
but it's hard to be kind to a mean kitty. At one time in the evening, I quietly
asked him if she was shy. She heard the question from 15 feet away and shouted
across the room, "I'm not shy. Just no need to be all loud and mouthy." The room
went completely silent and all the people left and went outside. It was
obviously embarrassing to him and he winked at me (with my mouth hanging open)
and went over to her. I was sad that I didn't have the opportunity to thank him
for his friendship and how much it meant to me at the time. A few months later I
was traveling through the area and delivered a baby gift to some friends. I saw
his truck in the parking lot and wrote him a quick note of gratitude and
expressed my desire for his and his wife's happiness. I dropped it in the open
window of his Chevy Truck and headed for a quick drive through McD's (starving
children and mama). As I was waiting in the drive-through line, I heard a truck
honk. He drove by, waved the peace sign to me (still his motto), and threw me a
smile. It was a happy ending.

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Parler vouz francais?

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