July 28, 2003

O.K., so I took a

O.K., so I took a little
hiatus. The reunion was well worth the trip. Kinda like stepping into a new
store, you never know what you're going to find, but you hope it's fantastic AND
on sale. It is always so interesting to see people that were so significant in
your life at such a delicate time. I was especially relieved to be able to tell
one of my closest friends how important he was in my life. I'll call him "The
Rescuer." I hated where I was my junior and senior years in high school. The
Rescuer was my relief. He was the first male that I could talk to and not
question his intentions. He wanted to date but I wasn't interested in dating
anyone at the time. What amazed me is that he was o.k. with us just being
friends. He would just show up wherever I was and at the most uncanny times. He
would take me driving and we we just ride with the windows down, saying nothing.
We went for walks and found this really neat old oak tree that we would sit in
and talk. Then we found this old barn and would situp there and talk. I began to
analyze why this is so important to me, remebering those times. I think they
represent freedom from all the responsiblities that I now have. That is so
ironic because I felt so chained up then. Perspective..... More later

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