February 03, 2004

Thanks to everyone who voted

Thanks to everyone who voted for my humble entry. My
congratulations to my competitor and best wishes, as well. This is a double
elimination, so please go vote again. I've just checked and wow, five votes for
my submission already. My most grateful thanks! So, I have been holed up reading
the Harry Potter series. I am averaging one a day. I can't believe that I waited
this long to read them. I admit, I was one of those tongue waggers (red face).
Well, I never actually told anyone not to read them, I just told them why I
didn't read them (I know- groan). Recently, I have awakened from a fuzzy
fundamental sleep and my freedom is exhilarating. Last weekend, I mentioned to E
that I thought I might want to read the HP books. While we were at the library,
she took the liberty of checking the first one out for me. I started it in the
car for a family trip to pick out window " treatments" (why they are called that
instead of curtains, drapes, whatever; I don't know). I had to use the map light
on the way home. I absolutely love them. I raced to the library like a woman
fresh out of crack last night to retrieve the second book and tonight, I left my
family a hot, delicious dinner and headed out the coffee shop to read and sip.
As I drove, I realized that I might finish the second one tonight. There is
absolutely nothing worse than having finished a book, knowing there is a sequel,
and having no access to said sequel. So, I checked out the last three and
brought them home. There is a new video superstore worker on my side. That is,
he enjoys foreign and indie films. I was less than thrilled with my prospects on
Sunday evening. Perhaps all the women not interested in the Patriots and the,
uh...uh...hmmmm, well, the other guys, got a DVD to watch instead. Anyway, I was
disappointed that All About My Mother was out. So, the new worker suggests, He
Loves Me, He Loves Me Not with Audrey Tautou. I absolutely loved in her Amelie,
and so grabbed the DVD and went home. I plan on watching it sometime soon and
will be depositing my two cents here. HP is calling.....

Posted by Rae at February 3, 2004 10:13 PM
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