May 05, 2004

No, it's not

R is out of town on "business" (a fly fishing trip to Lee's Ferry sponsored by an ag drug company). So, I will be busy today. Thus, I am copying a comment over at Resurrection Song.

This is a comment on Zombyboy's recent post: "Is it Rape?"

I have had many people tell me that they feel sorry for me that I have four female children. When pressed for the reasons for their supposed sympathy, they stated "that sons are easier; never the fear of getting pregnant." After a few ignorant commentators, I finally countered their stupid and irresponsible belief system with: "Oh, so your boy can screw whoever he likes as long as you never find out about it?" That shut them up quick.

What a thought! I was incredulous! I am regularly given sympathtic sentiments for having been "burdened" with all daughters- the oncoming hormonal avalanches; weddings; "possible unwanted pregnancies." Yes, we have realized that we might want to invest in Procter and Gamble, just to get a bit of our money back, and there will probably be a time when our storage room will have a few boxes of bulk "items" and we definitely go through the toilet paper, but since when does one's gender decide who is more responsible for the outcome of having sex? So, if one of our daughters told me she was pregnant, you can be damn sure that we will also be having a conversation with the guy and his parents.

I feel that I am contributing to the development of one of the most influential positions in the world community: mother. One day, God willing, my daughters will have children of their own, perhaps a few. If each of my daughters had four children, the reach of R and I will go four fold and will only continue into the coming generations.

Oh, and I have educated my older daughters (younger will be when they are old enough) to be careful to whom they attach themselves emotionally and physically. I do believe it hard to sever the gossamer thread that stitches itself between two souls that connect in so intimate a manner. Oh, and so not to be completely misunderstood as a finger-pointing hypocrite, I have had to cut a few threads myself; it has not been easy. There were times when there was nothing of the heart involved, or so I thought. We must all awaken one day to ourselves and that can be a hard sleep from which to come out.

I think it interesting that the Nazi feminist rhetoric that insisted on women being seen for more than a pair of breasts and a vagina, by insisting on casual sex, only all the more encouraged the thought that it was allowable to see the woman as T & A. Reducing the thought necessary before entering into a sexual relationship, whether casual or permanent, has damaged both men and women.

Posted by Rae at May 5, 2004 10:54 AM
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