May 11, 2004

This aging body... I couldn't sleep last night (for reasons that will remain unwritten).

This weekend was so delightful. After E's Pirates of the Carribean sleepover, I carted a few girls home and the rest rode with me to meet their moms at a Mother-Daughter brunch.

R had called on Friday at about 6 p.m. to tell me that he had just gotten off the river. He sounded exhausted, so I told him to just stay another night. He arrived home on Saturday morning. It was pleasant to have him home again. We chatted while he laid on the bed and I was in the bathroom reconstructing.

When E, A, and I got back from the delicious breakfast (I love breakfast food), r and I took off to go purchase my Mother's Day gift- everything needed to fill the flower bed in front of my porch with beauty and color. I couldn't wait to get started so as soon as we walked in the door from the Nursery, I threw off my skirt and top and got into jean shorts and t-shirt- the most comfortable clothes ever made. The girls helped dig, spade, rake, and weed. We adequately prepped the soil. It was getting late, so we went in and celebrated and left the rest to Sunday afternoon.

So, I got the plants in on Sunday and then literally fell into bed. Monday I awakened to the lovely southern Utah wind. It was ripping my lovely little buds from their beds. I was so angry. Thus began my quest to save my present. I spent the entire day fighting the wind, re-planting, planting more, laying Weed X, mulching, watering, and every three minutes, I had to duck my head and cover my eyes as another roll of wind blown dust came sweeping down the street. My girls were a big help, but it was hard physical work. I mean who knew those muscles even existed?

To top if off? One of my sweet daughters left her American Girl doll on the top step, which tired me did not see. I stepped on it and slide five steps to land, hard, right on my rump! uh-huh, laugh now, but this ass hasn't been fallen on like that since my skating rink days and that was 22 years ago, thank you.

Thus, my excuse for exhaustion.

What's yours?

Posted by Rae at May 11, 2004 12:59 PM
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