June 13, 2004

Up and Coming

Checking my sitemeter is one of the first things I do each morning after getting on-line. So, I guess it's true, I am slightly addicted to "hits and page views." While I am pleasantly surprised by high numbers (they typically only occur with a controversial post that is found by a search engine or a dissident link), I am more content with the faithfulness of the few. So, I am averaging around 58 hits a day.

I am always curious as to how I am found. It isn't always discernable from the meter, so, I boldly but politely visit the site, look around, leave a comment about a specific post and then ask how in the 'sphere they found this tiny site on the web.

Today, I am going to list a few new blogs that I have added. I have yet to make it to the show, but I enjoy a small readership and receive a steady flow of comments. I recall the days when nary a comment was found; for months. So, in the name of not forgetting those days, I am going to give a bit of publicity to a few bloggers that I have recently added to my list of daily reads.

Writing to Understand Kris is one of my closest friends and knows me far better than most. She has a talent and love for thinking through to the logical conclusions in almost every situation.

Dissident Frenchman I just found him today, but so enjoyed reading his site, that I linked him immediately.

Letters from New York Michele has endured many venemous attacks for changing her political position. She is a deep soul with a beautiful hand for her writing.

Write...or Die Trying ZaphodBeeblebrox-this, too, is one of my personal friends who took a leave of absence from blogging for awhile, but recently returned. I truly believe we will one day see him published ("Never, never, never, never give up!").

My Thoughts... Exactly David R. Darrow. I don't even recall how I found David (do you David?) but I immediately liked his writing. David is an artist who also takes time to transfer his artistry into blogging.

Truth Be Told Jerry is a frequent commentor over at La Shawn's. He recently moved into the blogdom kingdom and is a powerfully persuasive writer.

Jeremy Gilby I think Jeremy found his way here through Nathan and I'm glad he did. He is a true Jack of All Trades (he knows a lot about a lot) with a touch of sincerity (and sarcasm).

Please take a minute and visit these bloggers; leave a comment; become a regular. You will enjoy your reading and perhaps, learn something new.

Posted by Rae at June 13, 2004 11:41 AM

"Kris is one of my closest friends and ..."
(small alteration needed if you please)

"Kris is my best friend in the world with my friend Eddy running a close second." (hehe haha)

Thanks for the help my friend!

Posted by: Kris at June 13, 2004 12:56 PM

:) (by the way, Eddie with an "ie.")

If ever there was a person from I learned most about diplomacy, it has been you my friend. You understand what I can't say in text, but consistently reassure to you in word :)

Posted by: Rae at June 13, 2004 01:02 PM

Thank you for the mention in your "Up and Coming" list. As we probably all do, our cyberpaths crossed through someone else's site. I appreciate both the mention, and the company in which I find myself in your blog.

I started writing in closed blog [writer's circle at school] since 1999, but 9/11 changed all that. After following a few blogs and corresponding with their creators and other writers (non-bloggers) I found my voice once again began to emerge and began blogging. I've enjoyed and related so much to your writing (especially "A Few Things"), that I just had to add you to my favorites, so that I could visit frequently.

Thanks for being here.

Posted by: Michele in NYC at June 13, 2004 05:18 PM

Wow. Jeremy R. Gilby: Jack of All Trades.
That is a title I hold in very high esteem and regard. (I like versatility in a person).

But to defend true Jacks of all Trades, I don't know a lot. I know enough to hold an intelligent conversation.
And I know what I don't know.

But thank you for the hat-tip Rae!

And yes, Nathan tacitly lured me over here, but it was the intelligent discourse that made me stay.

Posted by: Jeremy at June 13, 2004 09:12 PM

hey Rae, what's the difference between page views and visits?
See you!

Posted by: virginia at June 14, 2004 06:41 PM


I just checked my blog, Random Atom, this morning after having abandoned it for a week (its finals at my school). Anyway, I saw your comment and responded to it, but I wanted to let you know that I have corrected the error on the link to your brother's site. It now reflects his true proffesion and chosen branch of the military.
I apologize--I should have known better!
Thanks for the alert!


Posted by: Eve at June 16, 2004 08:48 AM

You make it sound like it was some part of my evil plot...

Posted by: Nathan at June 17, 2004 02:03 AM

You are the one talking about your Evil Plot to subvert "A Likely Story", a.k.a. Operation: Second Language"

I was sworn to secrecy. It was YOU who brought it up!

Its not my fault I'm just your unwilling tool...

Posted by: Jeremy at June 17, 2004 09:31 AM


I am honored to have made your list with my blog (My Thoughts... Exactly!. Thanks so much!

Discovering this also put a fire under my seat to write something more. I had a goal of writing at least once a day all year, but that goal died when I learned of my dad's prostate cancer several months ago, and didn't write for a week or more...

I've written many since then, but somehow that goal just doesn't seem as important as it did when I "resolved it."

We got connected when I used Google to "verify" (yeah, whatever) the Nofsinger letter. Your site didn't provide any verification, but I got hooked reading your stuff. All I was trying to do was decide if I should post the whole letter on my blog.

I did.

And then I came back here to read more.

You're a polite person in the face of disagreements, and that always attracts me. My favorite quality in any human is Grace, and I see it in you. Second is a good sense of humor combined with not taking oneself too seriously. You've got that too.

Loved your numbered list of "A few things about me..."

You are among a handful of Friends I've Never Met.

Posted by: David R. Darrow at June 17, 2004 01:11 PM

Gorgeous blog...Got here via pamibe's fascinating tale.

Posted by: Sissy Willis at June 17, 2004 03:45 PM

Nathan-plot? ;)

David- thank you for such kind words; they are so encouraging and I'm glad that Google brought you here.

Sissy Willis-welcome! Thank you (blush) and come back anytime. I always say: Readers welcome, commentors adored :)

Posted by: Rae at June 17, 2004 08:52 PM
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