August 07, 2004

Mmmmmm, I love veggie pizza

Mmmmmm, I love veggie pizza and a cold diet coke and crisp Romaine lettuce.

And guacamole with chips.

And fresh, hot, homemade cinnamon rolls with coffee and cream.

I love lying around reading 100 pages of a good book; napping at will; sitting outside with R and watching the girls ride their bikes; curling up and watching a movie together; night time snuggle talks with my babies.

I love do nothing days, and today was finally a do nothing day.

Posted by Rae at August 7, 2004 08:41 PM

Love that veggie pizza! Oh, and time with family, etc....

Posted by: Patrick at August 7, 2004 08:47 PM

I'm ready for one of those. Taking Wednesday to spend time with the 'rents. Perhaps it can be one of those days.

Posted by: GrumpyBunny at August 9, 2004 01:45 PM

Oh my goodness- that pizza was so good. I had to make myself stop eating it.

GB-that sounds nice :) I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful day.

Posted by: Rae at August 9, 2004 08:08 PM

And thus says the Word of God:

Everyone also to whom God has given wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil--this is the gift of God. For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart.

(Ecclesiastes 5:19,20, ESV)

You're obviously blessed :)

Posted by: Eduardo at August 10, 2004 07:44 AM

Yes, I am so blessed. Thank you for sharing that verse of scripture:)

Posted by: Rae at August 10, 2004 08:18 AM
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