April 17, 2005

21st Century Oliver!

Last night was the best show yet. The crowd was so responsive! The ensemble goes out to do a pre-show and work the crowd. After doing three shows, we are finding our cadence together; not the orchestrated, choreographed measures (and they are done well), but the small places that we can fill with the personalities of the characters we have been ripening over the past eight weeks.

During the intermission, Dodger, Fagan, Jake, one of the Tarts, and I (the town Prude) did a techno Oliver! downstairs in the dressing room. Dodger provided the keyboard (with his creative own little mouth); Fagan did the chorus of "Please sir, Please sir, Please sir I want some more"; Jake repeated "He needs me"; Tart sang "No Bill! No Bill!" and I added "Some more, some more" in rhythm to Fagan so that it perfectly coincided with an echo just after his last words.

I am going to attempt to record it tonight. Perhaps a few techies can assist me getting a link up so the rest of you can enjoy our varied talents.

For now, a three-day reprieve. We are going to go do some trails of Kolob (the link takes you to some beautifully captured images), feast at the hands of hired help (a restaurant), and come home to a sleep that replace all that that has been lost this past week.

Posted by Rae at April 17, 2005 11:45 AM

Congrats, I'm so impressed. I've never done anything like that, altho someone told me writers should take drama to become better public readers, & to learn how to inhabit characters

Posted by: jeff at April 18, 2005 05:32 PM

Get some sleep. I'll try and get in touch with you next week. I too am exhausted (Big K has some kind of fever, maybe West Nile and I have felt like a single parent for two weeks) to do anything. If you all come here we have a great trail for you to hike. Beautiful waterfall (when there's water) and a not too strenuous hike. I even made it!

Posted by: Amy Jo at April 18, 2005 10:36 PM

Jeff, if you do enjoy acting, I would look into the community theater. Surely, with it's ummm, proximity to a certain town, Oakland has one available.

It is interesting that you were told that about writers becoming better public readers and inhabiting their characters. I would presume it came naturally. I can't read anything, especially a children's book, but even an adult novel, without giving inflection and distingushing accent voice to each character. I don't see you as having difficulty with it either.

Amy, that sounds lovely- the hike. I am sorry that you are so exhausted and dealing with sickness.

Posted by: Rae at April 19, 2005 02:10 AM
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