April 20, 2005

Dead or Alive Isn't An Option

O.K. so it's been three days since we last danced together, sang together, and it might have shown tonight. I really prefer to think the crowd was a dead as nails. Word is that the Friday and Saturday performances are sold out! So let us practice on the unenthused bores and throw to those willing to pay and clap and shout praise our voices and smiles, our best.

I do promise to write something more about real life when this musical ends. Because we all know that performing in a musical isn't at all real.

P.S. I would really appreciate a cold beer right about now....

Posted by Rae at April 20, 2005 11:13 PM

A 3% beer. Blasted Utah!

Posted by: Patrick at April 21, 2005 12:37 AM

Mmmm, beer. A lovely 12oz kiss of Fat Tire amber ale. Mmmmm.

Wait, it's calling me again, must run.

Posted by: andy at April 21, 2005 09:43 PM
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