July 03, 2005


E went to leadership camp to receive training to be a counselor at our church camp. Typically, a teen must complete two years before they are given the opportunity to counsel campers. This year a shortage of high school-aged trained teen leaders opened up the opportunity for first year trainees to help.

E was one of the first year girls selected to counsel the remaining two weeks of camp. She is a wonderful girl- mature both cognitively and spiritually. She is kind, considerate, capable. She was humbled and excited to be asked. Upon returning home from her own week of camp, she immediately began to gather resources to prepare for leading her potential young charges in devotional thought.

The first three weeks of her summer were spent helping at UCYC. She helped cook, serve, and clean, making friends and a few dollars in the process. Because of travel schedules overlapping, I saw her for about two days, and then she was off again. When she walked through the door on Friday afternoon, she was taller, tanner, and the honey-highlights in her hair gleamed in the sun. That evening, we stood back-to-back, heel-to-heel at exactly the same height: 5'8½.

E is in that beautiful transition from girl to young woman. Someone once said of her, "She doesn't walk anywhere, she floats." That was when she was a mere 10 years old. She does so even more gloriously now.

Posted by Rae at July 3, 2005 12:48 PM

Rae, As exciting as it was for me to know E as a little baby, it is even more exciting to know her as a young lady. She is a beautiful young lady and I forsee only getting prettier. I am so excited for her to get the chance to make an impact in younger kids' lives. Having done it when I was about her age. From experience it is alot of fun and challenging at times. I know she will do well. Love to all.

Posted by: Sally at July 3, 2005 12:58 PM

There is character building in washing dishes for large groups of people. It has helped me since I was 16 to keep one day's dishes in perspective. I was a dishdog at two different places from the time I was 16 until I graduated high school, among other jobs. A wonderful stroke of circumstances kept me out of mess duty for 8 years of military service. When I was still in I didn't advertize that fact to many of my NCO's.
E now knows that she can do dishes with the best of them. She is the best scullery maid anyone can have.

Posted by: R at July 3, 2005 06:44 PM

E has always reminded me of her mother in looks and actions. What a beautiful flower E has grown into with the Lord's hand guiding her she will be a wonderful Christian lady in just a few short years.

Posted by: Holly at July 4, 2005 09:28 PM

Awwww, Mom. I am deeply complimented, and greatly humbled. Thank you.

Posted by: Rae at July 4, 2005 11:41 PM
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