July 18, 2005

Make Mine Dark

It has before been confessed here that A's first love is Roald Dahl. Being the second of four girls has either predetermined her to a perpetual feeling of inequality, or we have truly been remiss as parents. Or perhaps there is another factor, one that just finds A drawn to the humor that typically repulses other girls (and most parents who have turned to pirates) her age.

Margaret Talbot has a very poignant and humorous piece on Mr. Dahl in The New Yorker this week. I was sitting in an airport while I reading it, and picked-up my cell to call A at home to tell her about the article, and read a few bits to her. I promised her full perusal upon my return (she is soaking in my tub and reading it right now; like mother...). I am sure it is no coincidence that The New Yorker ran it the week the film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp, premiered.

After grabbing my girls from their descent down the mountain after a week of camp, and allowing for a quick change of clothes, we went to the earliest matinee on Friday. I wasn't sure if I was watching much more than Johnny's Jacko impersonation. He was perfectly creepy, glove(s), pale skin, issues with a controlling father and all. Only this Jacko made me laugh, occasionally, more than I cringed. My girls aren't aware of the existence of Michael Jackson, and I'm not sure they have a reason to be, or that I want to introduce them. They enjoyed it other than the added subplot casting a bit of light onto Wonka's obsession with candy and idiosyncrasies. Johnny's Charlie also completely coalesced with Burton's typical noire style

Freddie Highmore (Charlie) is absolutely incredible. He could do a film with no words and communicate more than a Tolstoy novel. Freddie is no McCaulay Culkin. That is, he hasn't landed in film just because he has big, blue eyes and bee-stung lips. Word is that Mr. Depp was so taken with his depth as a young actor, that he specifically requested young Freddie for the Chocolate Factory project. He is not disappointing and neither is the film.

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