August 25, 2005

Rocky Mountain Pictures: Not Ansel Adams

Jeff G. and moi.

Jed and ummm, some other guys.

Matt Moore and Beth.jpg
Matt Moore and Beth, his lovely and quite funny,wife.

Robin Roberts.

Walter in Denver.jpg
Walter in Denver and Mrs. Walter in Denver

Andy (and his cue).

Doug Sundseth, S.A.

Stephen (with his cue, also).

I wish I had thought to get a picture of the lights outside of Dazzle. They were neon pink against black. One of my favorite color combinations.

That's all folks :D

Posted by Rae at August 25, 2005 08:23 PM

Looks like a lot of fun! Nice pic of the chicken :). I am going to meet him next week while I am in Denver.

Posted by: Randy at August 26, 2005 07:50 AM

How did we manage to NOT have a picture taken together? It was a fun night, and still, I enjoyed so much meeting you.

Posted by: Stacy at August 26, 2005 09:33 AM

What? Does Goldstein have a third eye in the middle of his forehead or something? Why all the secrecy?

And you are sooo gorgeous.

Thanks for the pictures; I loooove looking at 'em. :)

Posted by: Margi at August 26, 2005 11:31 AM

Randy, I will send you an e-mail. It was fun :D

Stacy, I have no idead! How_did_that happen? Next time.

Margi, my dear preggo, Jeff is supposedly The Rooster because of all his crowing, and umm, other talk. He preferred to remain incognito.

Posted by: Rae at August 26, 2005 12:19 PM

Cool. I love Raemail

Posted by: Randy at August 26, 2005 06:53 PM

Randy, you've been Raemailed:D

Posted by: Rae at August 26, 2005 10:56 PM

Wasn't there supposed to be "a great pic of us"? Here I've been waiting with bated blog for THE photo. :)

I believe that's Roger Fraley ( on the left, and in the middle it's Cutter ( Geez, looks like he's reaching for my junk. :O

Posted by: jed at August 28, 2005 10:47 PM
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