October 02, 2005

Why (again)?

Yeah, a poem, I can write. Rewrite a fable with modern day themes- check. A ten minute play?

See Rae.

See Rae fret.

See Rae become anxious.

See Rae stress.

A ten minute play. It will be the death of me, I am sure. Or at least of any remaining brain I have.

Posted by Rae at October 2, 2005 07:42 PM

just write about some dream you had sis!

Posted by: nick at October 2, 2005 10:12 PM

Do people still write poetry? Very Amish of them....

Posted by: jeff at October 3, 2005 06:30 AM

I have faith in you! Go, girl! ;o)

Posted by: Margi at October 3, 2005 08:15 AM

Okay so we all know you can write anything so stop worrying!!! YOU can DO it!!!

Posted by: Sally at October 3, 2005 03:26 PM

Rae, sorry I didn't call last night. Hope you test went well. I'll try this weekend to drop a line. Tell you about W's dr's appointment.

I liked the Anne Lenox dream story, that would be a good one.

Posted by: Amy Jo at October 3, 2005 10:16 PM

we all have faith in your abilities; just let the words flow with the tension.

Posted by: amelie at October 3, 2005 11:49 PM

I think I am most intimidated in navigating a genre that is unfamiliar to me; oh and finding the time that is already so crunched!

I do appreciate the cheering section. You are all initiated into the pep club, but Shawn has final say on the uniform (he's not crazy about tassels).

Posted by: Rae at October 5, 2005 12:56 PM

Now, I'm not entirely opposed to tasels. I'm just concerned that they used tastefully. But, then again, I'm not opposed to shaking up the fashion world a bit. So I could be convinced to be a bit braver in service of breaking new ground and Rae's writing. I just want to make sure any tasel stuffs are well considered.

Posted by: Shawn at October 7, 2005 01:52 PM

You can write the play. Just do something else, wait a little longer to make it more urgent then do it like you do in a crunch, it will turn out fine. (No dig here)
On the tassel issue-As soon as I found out tassels sent Curly into a panic I knew there was something not right with them. Then when my Dad who is 75 told me "Never trust a salesman or Lawyer who wears tasseled loafers" that sealed it for me. I am sure I am out of the loop on tassels but that is my 2 cents.
Anyone know about Curly and tassels?

Posted by: r at October 10, 2005 05:25 PM