June 28, 2003

while at my daughters swim

while at my daughters swim meet today, i heard this woman (who was
obviously frustrated with her child and her husband) say to her man "just chill
out, k?" he took it rather well, i thought. but this made me think: is more
accpetable for women to be rude to men than it is for men to be rude to women? i
personally think that men and women should do their best to be respectful to
each other (yes, there are situations when one must be, well, forceful) but not
rude. i saw a Winston ciggy ad in Newsweek: in caps "HOSTILE TAKEOVER" picture:
a beach with a guy being held down by a girl. is it saying that guys are
atrracted to sexually aggressive women? what if the girl were being held down by
the guy? i think it would be highly offensive to women, but it is now seemingly
o.k. to turn tables and make women the aggressors? i am not sure... also, have
noticed that more and more father figures are being made to look like they are
completely out of the loop and big dorks. don't get me wrong here, i have paid
some people good money to help me ponder why i don't like "authority" figures
(now i have settled for a "healthy questioning" of one man having all the power,
notice I said man, which God is not one), but why is it o.k. now to make men
look like such idiots? there would be such an uproar if women were portrayed
that way now. i like it when anyone holds the door open for me. i like having
heavy furniture moved by men. i like car maintenance being done by my husband
(definitely a man), i like having my man (mm here on out for him) to do all the
household fixing. my issue is with creepy men. men who lere. men who l catch
looking at my little girls. men who think they are complimenting me but are
making me sick. men who look at my boobs ...repeatedly. men who are obviously
married, but are flirting with me while their wife isn't present. men who flirt
with me while their wife is right there. YUCK! all men aren't dogs, but some
are. all women aren't hags, but some are.

Posted by Rae at June 28, 2003 08:59 PM

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